Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blog Hop Winner and Hump Day Hook:)

First of all, congrats to Cris Hanson, who wins the copy of Balancing Act!  Cris, email me at !

Here's a snippet of another partial, temporarily titled 'Mark and Becca'.  Becca's a dancer who's moved back home and is, at the moment, dodging the attentions of the orthopedic surgeon Mark Erikson.  Becca's brother Bob is still holding onto a grudge against the Erikson brothers for the way they treated him in high school.  Mark has long forgotten the feud, but Bob's determination to keep them apart is, of course, backfiring.  Especially now they've teamed up to win a ballroom dancing contest.

"Mark, Paul, and Joe thought they ruled the school." Bob picked up his newspaper again. "But Mark was the worst. Always had girls hanging on him, just because he made the State finals in wrestling. And now I guess he's some kind of hot shot orthopedic surgeon." He rattled the paper again and looked at Becca. "So stay away from him. He's bad news, just like that asshole you shacked up with."
"That asshole gave me a pretty good boy upstairs." Becca mentally counted to ten.   Zach's father was usually a topic she avoided. But the sting of the breakup was still raw.
"How the hell can you defend him?" The newspaper hit the floor. "He took every dime you made; maxxed out your credit cards; and left you for someone else." Bob's face was red. "You're home for a month and what happens? Big Shot Ericson's all ready to pounce on you. Christ, Rebecca! I knew Mom should have been stricter on you."

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Unknown said...

I take it this guy talking is her brother...maybe older brother. He reminds me of one of my secondary characters. It's sweet how he just wants to protect her...even though his protection might be unwanted at the time.

Molly Daniels said...

LOL....yes, Bob's upset because this is the 2nd time she's encountered Mark. 1st time was at church; this time he happened to be the on-call surgeon when Becca's son Zach cracked the growth plate in his ankle during baseball practice.

Unknown said...

I immediately liked Bob. And felt compassion for Rebecca. Great job conveying so much emotion in a few short paragraphs.

Unknown said...

Uh oh...great conflict here!

Anonymous said...

Oh...ooooh. intrigued. Why the bitterness? Why the conflict?

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks ladies! And Kerrianne, Bob has ideas about families which are throwbacks to the 50's. Becca feels 'stifled', but yet needs to get back on her feet.