Friday, November 2, 2012

Flashback Friday

Nov 1972:
We always went to Indianapolis for Thanksgiving dinner.  My great-grandmother would pull out the 'good' dining room table (most of the time, it sat against one wall) and set it with the good china.  I was reading by now, but loved being read to by a grandparent.  And Great-Grandma had a little cabinet which held a stack of books:)

My sister and I were also allowed to play in the hall closet.  Grandma had a box of old toys, and a Teddy Bear which, for whatever reason, we tied a red ribbon around one of his outstretched limbs and 'nursed' him back to health.

We were only allowed down in the basement when Grandma was down there.  She had a wringer washtub and cautioned us not to put our fingers in the wringer.  We'd help her bring up cans from what she called the 'root celler', a tiny room to the left of the stairs.  I always wondered why Grandma kept her pantry in the basement, instead of being upstairs in the kitchen.  I was too young to realize the space issue!

And then we'd return to my other grandparents' home and take a nap, or watch football with my uncles.  I don't remember if this was the year one of my uncles got the clanging cymbals monkey, but it scared my sister silly.  Me, I was content to ride the rocking horse in the living room and ignored the toy monkey.

Present Day:
Day #2 of NaNo!  Yesterday I finished editing Class Reunion (a Kenzie title) and sent it back to my editor.  I'm hoping to dive into Love Is Color Blind today, so wish me luck!  The MS already has 18K words on it, but I'm going to clean it up a bit before I actually begin writing.  Don't yell at me; I started writing this before I understood the updated 'rules' of writing.  And this will give me a jump when I have to self-edit the thing in a few months anyway.

Have a good weekend!  Tonight and tomorrow I'll be in Washington, IN for my final signing of the year.  And then going to see my friend BC Brown in action as Van Helsing in the Old Towne Player's play Dracula.  Should be interesting.

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