Thursday, November 15, 2012

Part 3: Sequel To The Book Which Shall Not Be Named

I know, I know....I've changed the acronym again.  STTBWSNBN.  Anyway, moving on.

Ch 5:  Bad writing aside, the story is beginning to interest me.  In this chapter, we find out more about the former sub and what she may be up to. I rolled my eyes at the way A handled the salon scene, but oh added words to the chapter.  And maybe this was a NaNo project?  Who knows?  And there's even some insight to C, as he explains and pg 105 that being in control and having women do what he says is 'getting old' and her 'rebellion' is 'refreshing'.

Ch 6:  I have to admit, I skipped over the sex scene.  Not sure if it was due to lack of interest or a time constraint.  And I kind of had an eye-roll moment when (at the end of Ch 5) he gives her a tube of lipstick and the has her draw the 'boundaries' on his body, front and back, of where she's allowed to touch him and what to avoid.

They dress and go to a masked ball.  She's still peeved about the fact he has a dossier on her with everything from social security number to her driver's license photo to bank account info.  And also about the fact he deposited $24K into her checking account.  So much, that when at the charity auction, C's donation of a weekend at his condo in Aspen is up for grabs and is about to be sold for a $20K bid, she yells out '$24 thousand!'  End of chapter.

And need I say that two pages prior to this, she realizes she's left her purse and wallet behind?  I can only surmise that C will have to pay for it, and then there will be another argument over the fact she will feel she now 'owes' him $48K.

Present Day:
In case you missed my FB posting the other day, I was interviewed on local television!  Here's the link, should you be interested. 

One of the hosts heard us out in the hall and came running out.  "Is this the sex author?"

I laughed, and so did BC Brown.  "Yes, I'm the sex author.  The TAME one!"

I was nervous and scared to death, but I took BC's advice and tried not to look at the camera.  But every time I spotted the monitor, my brain froze.  So I tried to keep my gaze fixed on the host or the table!

NaNo Update:  I've temporarily stalled out at 20K, but Kenzie's had edits.  And now I have to go back into 'Kenzie Mode' and fix the hero of Class Reunion.  He's got so many walls around him, 1) he's acting like a 16 year old and 2) coming off unlikable.

Currently Reading:  Finished Mary Martinez's Three Weddings and A Dress, and LOVED it!  Recommended Read:)  I'm now halfway through Heather Peters' Playing For Keeps (excellent!)/Body Check.  Going to go ahead and also call this a Recommended Read:)

Print:  With A Twist by Deirdre Martin.  I'm on Ch. 6 and enjoying it so far.  Really enjoying the characters in the Irish Pub:)  Looking forward to more 'interaction' with them, esp to see what comes out of the parrot's mouth!


Anonymous said...
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jean hart stewart said...

Delighted you're saving me the trouble of reading these books. Which I don't really want to do. I think I'd go crazy at all the inconsistencies.....

Fiona McGier said...

You're beginning to like it? Say it ain't so! Where will I get my regularly-scheduled chuckles from?

As for skipping the sex scenes, many women who have read the series have told me they did that because the erotic scenes weren't...they were just boring. In erotic, the sex should NEVER be boring!