Wednesday, August 21, 2013

HDH #19 and Day 8 Pt.2

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Today's hook is from Book 8, Love is Colorblind.
Set up:  Lynne's made the college dance troupe and they've just performed at the first home game.  Debbie (mentioned) is jealous of the fact Lynne's boyfriend Nick is a better basketball player.

.  “Ahhh...I’d forgotten what performing in front of a crowd is like.”
            “It is fun, isn’t it?” Lynne held the bottle to her forehead.  “I completely forgot to look for my roommates.”
            “If they are anything like mine, they’re in one of the front rows.”  Vicki laughed, the top of her head reaching Lynne’s shoulder.  Her long brown hair was caught up in a ponytail, with yellow and blue ribbons hanging down.  She leaned forward.  “Did you see Debbie trip?”
            “No.  What happened?”

            “One of her shoelaces came untied, and when she spun around, it got caught on her other shoe, and tripped her up.  She almost fell into me.”  Vicki took another drink.  “I’ll bet she listens to me next time when I tell her to tighten those laces.  You know how she hates to be told anything.”

Vacation Pics, Pt. 2

On Friday, we went to the historic Stanley Hotel, and walked around the 1st floor.  Only guests can go upstairs.

I didn't know parts of the movie The Shining were filmed at the hotel!  In the gift shop, there is a section entirely devoted to the movie and book.

The original Stanley Steamer is just inside the front door of the hotel.  While we were there, the maintenance people cleaned the floor underneath it.  My nephew D was particularly interested in it:)

After we toured the hotel, I talked my dad into driving me around a bit, so I could get more pictures.  This is Estes Ark, the Christian Book Store mentioned in Kenzie's Wild At Heart.  See?  It does exist!

Dad had no idea this sign existed.  That's because it's near the entrance (duh!) and Dad is usually busy digging out his wallet to pay or show his receipt/Lifetime Membership.  It's only $20 for the five day pass, or when you hit age 62, you get a Lifetime Membership to all the national parks.

My BFF stayed here three weeks prior to our arrival, and she told me the lobby was a must-see.

It's beautiful inside!

After I arrived back at the hotel, I found the cousins in the hot tub.

Before we left for dinner at The Wild Hare (I stupidly did not take any pics), my youngling waded in the Fall River.

And we also got a free concert from a musician:)

Tomorrow:  Time to pack up and head home!


Jeanine said...

I didn't know about the Stanley Hotel. Thanks for posting the pics. Looks like a wonderful family vacation. Living in NYC I just love the American West. I think that's why I write cowboy stories. LOL

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing both your snippet, and your photos. Both were great!

Lucy Felthouse said...

Great hook, well done!

Unknown said...

Nice hook, I am interested in learning more.

Sarah Cass said...

Aw, somehow I don't feel bad for Debbie. lol. Sees to me she should listen better.

I've wanted to go to the Stanley for a while, I totally want the ghost tour!

Melissa Keir said...

What a fun post. I loved the photos. The hot tub had a waterfall behind it? It looked interesting. I think I would have gone in the river too. :)


Marianne Stephens said...

The Shining....very scary. Jack is one frightening actor.
Love your vacation photos.

Sabrina Devonshire said...

My brother got married at the Stanley hotel last summer. Beautiful place! Thank you for sharing your snippet and photos :)