Saturday, January 10, 2015

Character Photo Bomb, Blog-Style:) Happy Birthday SCP!

*clears throat*  Hear ye, hear ye...Secret Cravings Publishing is turning FOUR this weekend, so please, everyone, click HERE to see the list of participating authors.  No gifts, please...simply comment on each blog in order to entered to win the various books, swag, etc, which each author is offering.  Any questions?

Caitlyn raises her hand.  "If this is an anniversary/birthday party, why aren't gifts being GIVEN?  This makes no sense."

Tricia nudges her.  "This is what cyberspace calls a party.  We invite readers to our author's sites, and give them gifts, for reading our stories and being loyal readers or customers.  Get it?

Keri looks confused.  "Wasn't Amy's book released this month?  So why is Molly offering a copy of Caitlyn's book?"

Amy hugs Caitlyn.  "Because Cait's won the award last year!  I don't mind not being the prize."

(off camera)  "Thank GOD!  That book has gotten me into SO much trouble with my fellow fly boys!"

All:  Shut up, Matt!

Caty glares.  "If anyone should be upset about the content, it should be me.  I can't believe-"  She stares at the envelope thrust into her hand.  "What's this?"  Scans brief message, then adopts regal posture.  "I take that back.  I always knew my story would be her highest seller."

*collective groans from the cast*

Keri rolls her eyes.  "Thanks a lot.  Now she'll have a swelled head and lord it over the rest of us."

Caitlyn McCarty plans to marry her high school sweetheart, Bryan Johnson, and teach elementary school after graduating from Arbor University.  But after Bryan's life turns upside down with an unexpected turn of events, Caty begins to question her goals and every decision she’s ever made.

Peter Criswell fell for green-eyed, opinionated Caitlyn when he first met her.  However, her determination to hold onto a dream frustrates him.  Sometimes you meet the right person at the wrong time, and falling for a woman who’s caught between her parents’ wants versus her own desires isn’t always easy.

When the foundation of Bryan Johnson’s relationship with Caitlyn is tested not once, but twice, he faces the possibility of losing the only girl he’s loved since high school.  When Caty does make up her mind, will she stand by her man or run into the arms of another?

"I'm holding your friend for ransom.” He stopped Caitlyn as she made a move to get in the car.
“What?” Caty whirled around, shaking off his restraining hand and watching Stephanie drive away. “Why did you do that?” I don’t want to be alone with him!
“You and I need to talk.” He glanced at her finger. “Still with Bryan?”
“Yes I am.”
“Okay. Why?”
Caty’s panic turned to anger. “Why not? It's none of your business.”
“Well, let's see... You're standing on my used car lot, you've seen what I look like in the morning, I've been with you intimately...yeah, I'd say it was my business.”
“I love him. I've been with him for almost eight years. What right do you have to question that?” Calm down…be calm.
“Maybe you're having second thoughts?” Peter leaned against a green Chevette and raised an eyebrow. “Do your eyes always flash green fire like that?”
“How the hell should I know?” Caty lost her temper. “And no, I'm not having second thoughts. This mess will be over soon, and-” she clapped a hand over her mouth, regretting her last statement. Great, just great. See what happens when you lose your cool?
Peter pushed himself away from the car and moved closer. “What mess will be over soon?” he asked. “Don’t tell me there's trouble in paradise.” His voice mocked her.

To win a free pdf of Endless Love, which of the above characters does NOT belong in the Arbor University series?  Caitlyn, Tricia, Keri, Amy, or Matt?  Don't forget to leave your contact information along with your answer:)


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