Friday, January 30, 2015

FlashBack Friday: Walking!!!

Jan 2005 (Part 2)
Forgive my memory lapse last week and thankful there are 5 Fridays this month, lol!

After returning from Ottawa, and spending 5 days creeping around the furniture, only to have toys snatched out of his reach by 17-m/o David, my Youngling decided he'd had enough of the crawling and hanging onto furniture; it was obvious being mobile was the way to go.  We had no sooner arrived home than he began trying to find his balance.

Ooooooh boooooyyyy....

He spent two days falling down, staggering across the kitchen floor, whacking his tiny head, and crashing into everything, before finally being able to stand on his own two 10 months old!  K had walked at 11 months; S at 13 months.  Suddenly, we had to baby-proof even more.

It was official; sibling rivalry-or in this case, cousin-rivalry, inspired him.  I now had a little go-getter on my hands.

Next Month:  Chick Magnet #2 and The New 'Pick Up' Line!

Present Day:
I've managed to injure my left thumb.  I was cutting up a flank steak for beef and noodles, when the knife slipped and cut open the tip of my thumb.  You never realize how much you use something until it hurts, ha ha!

Tomorrow's Karaoke Songs:
I Can See Clearly Now-Jimmy Cliff
And Still-Reba
I Can't Dance-Genesis
I Believe I Can Fly-R Kelly
I Can't Hold Back-Survivor

Have a great weekend!  We're supposed to get 3+ inches of snow on, fun....

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