Monday, January 5, 2015

Starting 2015 With A Bang

Okay, maybe not so much a bang, but maybe a whimper of protest....

I haven't been exactly public about this, unless you're one of my Facebook friends.  So bear with me.

Back in September, when I had my eyes checked, the pressure in my left eye was 'elevated'.  I was told possibly 'Occular Hypertension' or simply a fluke, and told to get it rechecked in a month.  I was happy with my new glasses, with the right eye 'improved' to 20/35, while the pesky left one needed trifocals.

October came, and pressure was slightly higher.  Since the spouse had also seen the eye doctor, and had his eyes dilated, I refused the numbing drops for another test, since I'd never had them, and didn't know how I'd respond.  I needed to drive him home, so was told to return at the end of November.

In November, the pressure was back to the original 'elevated' number, so was referred to the Eye Center for a full glaucoma work up.  This was scheduled for Jan 15th, but when we discovered our local eye center did the same testing, I opted for a five minute drive, rather than an hour long one.  Because, let's face Indiana, you never know what's coming in winter.  The roads could be clear, or we'd face driving in a foot or two of snow.

Dec 15th, I was rather traumatized by the test.  After explaining my excessive phobia, the tech either was having a bad day, or no patience at 8:30 am for a skittery patient, and her compassion was a little low.  I survived the four rounds of drops and the pressure test, though the spouse had to clamp my head to the machine so I wouldn't keep backing away.  I still had trouble keeping my left eye open, so yes, this took several tries before she finally got a reading.

Then the doctor came in, and after examining my eyes, pronounced my eyes 'healthy', with 'just the start of early cateracts', which, given my age, is COMPLETELY normal.  Then he dropped the bomb.

"I've got a laser treatment which can clear up your pressure problems."

I jolted.  "Oh no."

His compassion evaporated.  "Am I just wasting my time?  If you're not going to accept treatment, I can walk out that door, or you can."

I protested that I'd been told for three months 'drops' would be all I needed.

"Do you want pain in your wallet or pain in your eyes?  Laser will clear it up in no time."

The spouse compounded my fears by ganging up on me also by chiming in about me being a 'big baby'.  And after we returned home, he laughed about me getting chewed out by the doctor.

I felt completely alone, humiliated, and as if the doctor had treated me like I was 3.  In fact, as I type this, tears are still forming in my eyes, and this happened three WEEKS ago!

I was scheduled for a follow up pressure recheck today.

I was happy to note that a) my eyes cooperated for the numbing drops, b) both the tech and the doctor's compassion was back in full force, and c) the spouse did NOT need to come into the room with me, since he was again having another exam.

The one BAD note?  Now my right eye has decided to join in the 'fun'.  My pressure was now 26 in both eyes ('Normal' pressure is 20, so yeah, while not too bad, it's still 'elevated').

So now, instead of having the laser procedure on my left eye, I now have to have it on BOTH,  This Wednesday, Jan 7th, is the one on my left eye, then the following week is when the right eye will be done.

Yes, I'm scared.

Yes, I WILL be taking a few shots of tequila to calm me down.

No, they can NOT sedate me or put me under for this.

I'm hoping that after the 1st one is done, I'll be fine to go with the 2nd one, like 'everyone' says.  But still, keep me in your prayers?

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