Friday, January 9, 2015

Flashback Friday: How To Scare Your Boyfriend:)

Jan 1985:
Over Christmas Break, my great-grandmother handed me a tiny zirconian ring and said she didn't want it.  Since it perfectly fit my ring finger, I decided to wear it, even going so far as to tease Grandma..."Does this mean we're engaged?"

Arriving back on campus, I forgot I even had it on, since I'd worn it non-stop for a week.  I reunited with my boyfriend of 3 months, TM, and my roommates.  At dinner that night, an acquaintance stopped to ask about my Christmas.  Since I'd also been given a beautiful gold watch, I held up my left hand.  She sucked in her breath and nearly screamed congratulations, while holding my hand!  I promptly corrected her, saying TM had NOT proposed, upon which he nearly choked, and my roommates nearly fell off their chairs from laughter!

Friend K was thrilled one of her old HS friends was now attending VU, and while we weren't exactly sure what to think of her, we accepted her into our group and decided to reserve judgment.

Later that month, TM and I seemed to drift apart.  I had changed my major from Early Childhood Ed to Social Work, and was enjoying my classes.  We no longer had the same lunch hour, so the only time we seemed to connect was after dinner.  Which soon put a strain on our relationship, and by the end of the month, we were no longer seeing each other.  I did form a tiny crush on his friend J, but it wasn't returned.  To fill in my empty hours, I began writing.

Present Day:
The temps are in the teens, and thankfully, all we have is snow flurries, nothing on the ground.

My eye surgery on my RIGHT eye on Wed went well, and next week the left eye will be done.  Since the left one is the least cooperative, here's hoping all goes well.

Books Read This Week:
LOVED Seduced; High Stakes Seduction was okay, and now I'm enjoying Kilts and Kraken:)

Karaoke Songs:
Cry-Mandy Moore
How Do I Live-Leann Rimes
How You Remind Me-Nickleback
Hungry Eyes-Eric Carmen
And Still-Reba

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