Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Shame On You!

If you're a regular reader of this blog, or even my Monday morning FB status, then you know I love watching Celebrity Apprentice.  While I don't love the drama in the boardroom, I do enjoy watching the challenges, and can usually predict who's going home on the losing team.  Once in a while I'm shocked and surprised.

Take last night.  When Vortex lost, I knew Shawn and Kate would be brought back in with Vivica, and I sincerely hoped Shawn would defend herself against allegations she was blind sided.  To my utter disgust, she was not given that opportunity, and was fired.

Maybe it was edited out?  I don't know.  Here's what happened, since she wasn't even given a chance to tell her side of the story on the Today Show (I DVR'd it, that's how mad I was, lol!).

The task was to create a mobile media event in a truck (think food truck, only with shoes).  Shawn (who I do agree should have stepped up to be Project Manager), came up with a fantastic concept of turning the truck into an elaborate Nordstrom dressing room, then was sent off to get props with Kate and Sig.

Meanwhile, Vivica, Geraldo, and Lorenzo scope out the truck and guess what?  Shawn's idea won't work.  So they switch gears and go with a different concept.  When they called Shawn and Co about the change, Shawn said they'd already bought, paid for, and cut the fabric.

"So we just wasted $500 on fabric you're not even going to use?"

"Sorry...get something else."

Both Shawn and Kate were dismayed.

They didn't show the fresh vs fake flowers debate; that came up in the boardroom, so really can't judge there.

Yes, Shawn showed off a laid-back attitude, but that's because when she and Kate arrived back, she found her concept GONE and a new one already in place.  It was too late to do anything about it, so she sucked it up and tried to work with the 'sinking ship'.

But what really got me mad was this:  Once Vivica brought her back, I really thought Kate would be fired.  But no, The Donald focused on her non-PM status, and never gave her the chance to voice WHY she felt railroaded by Vivica.  In all honesty, Vivica or Kate should have been fired.  Vivica, because it was HER idea for the coffee bar experience, and Kate due to her...I don't even know what she contributes, other than getting lucky in Challenge #1 and shopping for props.  In Challenge #8 last night, she held up Lorenzo's production of the video while having her hair styled ala 50's.  Couldn't she have done it herself, or called the guy to arrive earlier?

But I digress.  Yes, Shawn is young.  Yes, she should have been the PM for Challenge #7.  But should she have been fired?  NO!

Then I woke up this morning and turned on my DVR'd Today show, expecting a more in-depth look at the episode.  Nope, all we got was a brief recap and a 'yes, that's it." from BOTH contestants!  Where's your side of the story that the first six contestants (supposedly) got?  Since I didn't watch, I don't know if they got the same less than 5 minute treatment also.

Shawn was let down TWICE, in my humble opinion.  Once by The Donald, then by the Today scheduling.

And one more note:  Ivanka even told Shawn her initial concept would have been on target, but before Shawn could explain WHY they hadn't gone in that direction, The Donald fired her.

Unless that footage is on the cutting room floor.  Either way, she needs to be given a second chance.

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