Friday, April 15, 2016

Flashback Friday: The Infamous Party

April 1986:
Recap:  March 31st, my AF officer had returned and wanted me to round up people for a party.  Since it was MONDAY, no one in my dorm was interested, not even EY. Frustrated, I asked BG if she'd go for a walk with me. She agreed, and an hour later, after we talked about everything BUT my issues, she mentioned she felt like getting a beer.

"I know where a kegger is tonight. All I have to do is call."

"Do it!  I'll go with you!"

So I made the call, expecting SS to pick us up.  But I was wrong.  The phone rang at 10pm...

A very pleasant male voice identified himself looking for me.  BG and I double-checked ourselves to make sure we looked all right, then left a note for EY and KC, and after putting our keys in our mailbox (a common practice for securing keys!), we turned the corner and spotted two strangers near the door.  One was tall, with a mustache, and the other shorter, both with dark hair and nice looking, including their clothes.  I approached them and asked, "Are you T?"

The taller one looked me over and as our eyes met, I thought to myself, OMG....why am I with SS?  

We went out to the car and I claimed the front seat.  I don't remember what we spoke about, but when we arrived, T disappeared into the crowd while the shorter one, DP, got us each a cup of beer from the keg and I began looking for my supposed-boyfriend.  A few minutes later, he arrived with three girls, who then proceeded to follow him everywhere.  I held my temper, then we went over to the bonfire.  T came over and told me he was going on another keg run.  I asked if he wanted company, but when I found out there were others going, I told him I'd stay.

Meanwhile, DP and BG were chatting, so I joined them.  When BG finished her beer, I gave her mine, since beer's not my drink of choice.  Soon, T arrived with the other keg, but the tap broke.  S went to go get the other one, and when he returned, I guess T spotted me, for he let out a yell, then came over and hugged me.  I saw S's face turn to anger, but he didn't say anything.  I hung around the bonfire and watched them get the keg going, then observed DP and BG getting cozy.  I left, and began wandering around to find someone else to talk to.  I'd been talking with a group when all of a sudden BG arrived at my side, asking me where the bathroom was.  She and DP had gone off under a tree, and she couldn't get her bra refastened.  I grinned and told her someone had said it was getting hot over there, not just the fire!  She asked if S had spoken to me yet, and I said no.

"But when he's ready, he'll find me."

Sure enough, a few moments after we returned outside, S approached me and told me not to 'F--- around.'

My temper got the best of me.  "Would it bother you if I did?  You can't come get me, but you can go collect three others?"

"Go ahead; do what you want." He gave me a strange look.

"I came here tonight to be with you.  I want to be with YOU.  When you get that through your thick skull, come find me."  I stalked off, then winked at BG.

Approx. 12am, April 1st:
Sure enough, about five minutes later, he returned for me again, apologized for everything, and kept me by his side most of the time.

As for T?  He made a pass at me later that night, while S was dealing with party-goers, and in a moment of weakness, I conceded he was a much better kisser than S.  But I vented my anger at him, and said some words I later regretted.  He stalked off, and I was torn.  I was happy he was leaving me alone, for what man in his right mind makes a pass at his best friend's girl?  But the other half of me felt as if I'd just met someone special, and now I'd ruined any chance of seeing if maybe he was The One.

This fear intensified when, at the end of the night, I learned that a)  I was not staying over and b) S was not driving us back.  In fact, BG had left earlier with DP, when her alcohol intake had exceeded itself.  I was furious, and slammed the car door, fuming all the way back to campus.  Then I got a shock.

As we pulled up in front of my dorm, I got out, then heard my name being called.  There was S, pulling up behind us!

"I forgot to tell you, we're leaving in the morning." He tried to kiss me, but I'd had enough.

"For someone who tells me he loves me, you sure have a rotten way of showing it.  Fine.  Go back to California and have a nice life.  We're through."  I started crying, and stumbled into the dorm, collected my keys, then cried myself to sleep.

In the morning, I learned BG had made an ass of herself in the room, waking up EY when there was a note on the board to NOT wake her up!

****If this story sounds remotely familiar, I borrowed heavily from my history for the party scene in Love Finds A Way.******

Later that month,JD came down for the Spring Formal, right after SS called me to let me know his unit was being sent overseas.  He couldn't talk about it, and all he asked was that I pray for his safety.  He'd had  to make out a will, naming his mother as his beneficiary.  How could I stay mad at him with news like that?

The formal was fun. We went to dinner in casual clothes, then dressed and went to the dance.  Every single one of us had dates.  The only thing which went wrong was EY and BG had a yelling match, because EY didn't think B was treating her brother very nicely.  JD inserted himself into the argument, and our 'perfect' evening ended on a bad note.  And since JD had just proved to me his loyalties were to his ex, I was further plunged into depression.  First S and his issues, now the knowledge that at any time, B could snap her fingers and J would drop me like a hot potato.

I decided maybe it was time for a chat.

Next Month:  The 1986 Indy 500!

Present Day:
The weather is BEAUTIFUL!  I think we're going to grill out again tonight; we did pork chops last night.  Temps are supposed to reach 70 today.

Karaoke Songs:
I did something stupid last week, and accidentally deleted one of the videos.  So I'll be singing it again.
Killing Me Softly
Kiss From A Rose
Kiss Me
Kiss Me Deadly

Have a great weekend!

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