Monday, February 6, 2017

February Reading List

So far, 2017 is off to a really bad start:  4 celebrity deaths and 5 classmates/teachers/friends.
January claimed Mary Tyler Moore, Miguel Ferrer, Barbara Hale, Mike Conners, Craig Clifton, Mr. Kendall, Mr. Prill, Mr. Skibinski, and Carla Jones. 

How'd I do last month?
-Give B partial payment for print covers (still yet-to-be-made) Check:)
-Send Kira off to editor with payment  Check:)
-Finish cover request and send off with partial payment Not yet....
-Order more copies of Hotel (currently sold out)  Not yet....
-Finish Ghost Story  Not even opened it.
-Add at least 5K words to Heart Song  Added 500 words....
-Find out where the Crossroads antho stands  Check....sort of....?
-Pack away the Christmas decorations  (check!) and begin hanging pictures and shelving units in my new house. Check:)
-Send some 'pretties' to my SIL (check!) and photograph others for family members  
-Watch SE4 (Check!) and 5 (Check!) of Game of Thrones, plus maybe even 6 (check!), then start on the Classic TV DVDs I've acquired.  Began Downton Abbey instead:)

Health:  Apparently, even though I've ping-ponged last fall, I am now the same weight I was six months ago.  Sigh....I guess that's a good thing!

Books Read:  16
             Print:  4
         E-book:  12
              DNF:  1

Songs Added To Karaoke Good List:  Only 4, due to voice taking a vacation and being gone.

So What Do I Hope To Accomplish This Month?
-Finish cover request and send partial payment  Check:)  It's beautiful!!!!
-Finish Ghost Story  I've added at leat 600 words to it:)
-Add words to Heart Song
-Buy copies of Hotel Stories
-Get more decorations up on walls still working on it:)
-Finish watching Downton Abbey Check:)
-Finish Kira edits and start early promo  1st round finished, plus cover art shared:)  2/23:  Book Released!  Now working on print version.
-Lose 5 pounds
-File taxes  Check:)

Feb Reading Schedule:
A Maverick For The Holidays-Leanne Tyler  DNF
Because It's Christmas-Kathryn Shay  Finally finished this!
The Girl w/o a Name-Sandra Block  Did NOT see that ending!  WOW....

Misfortune's Lady-Sandra Sookoo  Good story:)
Healing Hearts-Liz Crowe Loved this!!

Karaoke Songs:
Week 1: Husky voice; sang Jar of Hearts, alto part.
Week #2:  Still no voice.
Week #3:
We've Got Tonight-Bob Seeger  Fairly good....
From This Moment-Shania Twain  Gary sang it with me and we nailed it:)
Week #4:  Celebrated Release Day (Kenzie's Kira's Slice of Pizza) with an entire Miranda Lambert line up:)


Love Story-Taylor Swift  Sounded good:)
Love The One You're With-Crosby Stills and Nash  Thought it was a bit crackly, but others liked it:)
(rotation was 90 mins)
Love Will Keep Us Together-Captain and Tenille  Did well:)
Lovin Touchin Squeezin-Journey  Rocked the bar:)
(Valentine's weekend; sang other songs also and rotation was 1 hour long.)
Week #3:  Daughter and I went to see the FSD movie, which I attempted to sleep through, and was too tired to go to 'roke afterward.
Leave The Pieces-Wreckers Did well, except for bridge.
Loverboy-Billy Ocean  Better than expected!  Had to sing 'You want a be my lover, lover, loverboy...'
Lovergirl-Teena Marie  Very surprised this turned out well, considering I didn't know the right words!
Lucky Star-Madonna  Slightly high; probably won't sing again.

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