Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Wait....What Happened?

In case you were deep in a cave or some remote island with no wifi, there was a big game that was played on Sunday, Super Bowl 51, NE Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons.  NE was the heavy favorite, but my household is a divided one, with my older son and I cheering loudly for the Falcons.  I'm just tired of 'Brady Fever' and think it's high time another team won.  In case you've not noticed in the nearly ten years I've had this blog (has it really been that long?  *gasp!*), I often cheer for the underdog.

Opening Ceremony:
I love Luke Bryan, and thought he did an awesome job on the National Anthem:)

I was also thrilled to see the stars of Hamilton perform God Bless America, and giggled when they inserted 'and sisterhood' into the last stanza!  No, I did not view it as 'political posturing' or 'standing up for women'.  It's a song, people....get over it.  I was neither offended nor burning my bra in favor of it.

I was also thrilled to see Frmr Pres HW Bush and Barbara, who had recently been hospitalized, do the coin toss.  Though the coin flew into the Falcons' line up.....it still went Atlanta's way.

1st Qtr:
Both teams tried hard, and it soon became a running joke between my daughter and I if either team would ever get the ball past the 50 yd line and into their own territory.  Score at end:  0-0, and I tossed out the idea, 'Hey, wouldn't it be neat if the entire game went into overtime, scoreless?'  My daughter sniffed.

"Brady won't let that happen."

2nd Qtr:
Atlanta put up 3 TDs AND sacked Brady 4 times.  I started cheering whenever the Pats finally moved the ball past their own 30 yd line, but was thrilled when the Falcons kept them from a TD, and they had to settle for a field goal.  Score at halftime:  21-3.  Never in the history of the SB had a team ever come back to win from more than a 10 pt deficit.  I was also slightly put out because we hadn't seen any *good* commercials.

OMG, Lady Gaga rocked!  She pulled a Pink stunt, being hoisted on wires and flipping end over end from what seemed to be the top of the stadium.  Very classy!  She began with a line of God Bless America, then segued into This Land Is Your Land.  After landing on the stage, she went into Pokerface, Born This Way, Telephone, and Bad Romance.  Time for a quick change before slowing it down for a new one, even saying hi to her mom and dad, before jumping back into Bad Romance and exiting with a mic drop, a catch of a ball, and jumping down off camera.  Very well done and very classy!  No scandalous politicking!

3rd Qtr:
I joked that the thumping heard wasn't due to the music, it was Brady chewing out everyone and kicking some a$$.  It seemed to work, though the Falcons did get another TD, but ran into some holding issues.  Where previously they'd force a 4th down punt, this time on the 3rd down, defense would get penalized for holding and the 5 yd penalty would result in 1st down.  Thus the Pats marched down field and scored their 1st TD finally, but could not connect on the extra point.  Score at end:  28-9.  Both Brady and Coach looked furious.

4th Qtr:
Pats seemed to wake up, or maybe they had simply worn out the Falcons?  Because nothing the Falcons did worked.  Brady and Co scored two TDs and another field goal to tie, sending the SB into its 1st OT in the history of the SB.  Score:  28-28.

Pats won the toss, and pushed the Falcons all the way to the 2nd yd line, then scoring a TD.  Rules in OT say whoever scores first wins, so there you have it.  34-28, an awesome comeback for the very tired Brady!

As per my daughter's requirements, I spent yesterday in her Tom Brady jersey.

I also joked about needing a teddy bear, counseling, and the need to riot because my team didn't win.

The game echoed our political climate, and I decided to put my tongue in my cheek in reference to those on the other side. You knew I had a twisted sense of humor, right?  ;)

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