Saturday, February 11, 2017

Flashback Friday (Yes, I know It's Really Saturday!): Heartache

February 1987:
Brief Recap:  After graduation, I returned home to temp at a local craft factory while waiting for the Spring Quarter to start in March for BSU (providing I was accepted).  JF and I agreed to do the long-distance thing, and in January, for his birthday, we had a long-awaited reunion that was magical....

What followed, though, can only be called my period of rebellion.

I missed JF so much, I began to call him on a daily basis, whereas previously my phone calls had been weekly.  My work at the factory was good, though one day I was called to be in the Stuffing area, and since we'd been told that if we were placed in an area, we were to stay there until being reassigned, it stunned me two days later when I was the only one working in that area.  I resented it, until I asked someone about it and they told me to return to my table.  I did, and felt better, though I began every day by asking my mother to pray that I wouldn't be recalled to that area!

My work on the then-titled Love On The Rocks continued, and I was counting down the days until I could return to JF's for the weekend.  The day before I was scheduled to go, I called him, and received a blow.

"Don't bother coming down; we're done.  Goodbye."  He hung up.

I stared at the phone, then slowly replaced the receiver and walked, in numb shock, to my room.  How could this have happened?  I was so numb I couldn't even process the news, or even cry.  I returned to the kitchen (remember when the family phone was only in one place?) and called my BFF, to see if I could sleep in my old room that weekend; I'd drown my sorrows with her.  The next day, I drove down, still trying to process the breakup.

EY commiserated with me, then apologized; she had plans with her b/f for the evening.  I told her to go ahead; I'd amuse myself for the evening.  I called TH, my 'FWB' guy from the previous summer, and told him what had happened.  He took me to dinner, along with DW, the guy with whom I'd had the one night stand at Halloween.  Thanks to DW, I discovered JF had been cheating on me the last three weeks, and had confided that my suddenly clingy attitude was getting on his nerves, and he was preferring the more mature behavior of someone in his evening class.  That news put me over the edge, and the tears finally fell.  Knowing I'd just had a blow, DW offered to take me dancing at a new nightclub, The Bank.  I agreed, but TH had plans.  When a very good-looking friend of DW's showed up and on crutches, I invited him along, since I did NOT want to be alone with DW.  We had a wonderful time, with me dancing with my new friend CS on the slow songs, due to his sprained ankle.  We left around midnight, and dropped CS off at the dorm.  Needing something, but not knowing what, I drove by JF's trailer and discovered a strange car parked outside, then drove over to Illinois to simply see my AF officer's house.  DW had been making hints about going back to his room, but I was most definitely NOT in that sort of mood.  I timed it so we returned to campus after Open Vis was over, then I went to my old dorm room and cried myself to sleep.

I did meet with TH the next afternoon before heading home, and the next day brought news of my acceptance to BSU; I was to move in to my new dorm room in LaFollet Complex, Woody Hall, Room 806 the second Saturday of March.

Next Month:  A New Chapter Begins!

Present Day:
I've had a lazy two days.  I've binge-watched Seasons 4 and 5 of Downton Abbey, and will begin SE 6 tomorrow.  Today, I'm helping serve lunch to the Men's Retreat, then choir is singing at the 5 pm service at Sacred Heart.  I'm praying my voice will cooperate, since it refused to do so Thursday night.

Probably why I feel a bit depressed, lol....

I did manage to finish the 1st round edits on Kira, and have paid the 1st installment on my shiny new cover:)  You can see it here.

Have a great weekend!

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