Friday, February 17, 2017

Flashback Friday

Feb 1997:
Valentine's Day was just another day; our taxes had been filed, but the refund hadn't arrived yet.  I fixed a nice dinner for the kids, bought them a modest amount of chocolate, AND we discovered we'd been approved for our new home.  We'd found some land in Morgan County, but now had to decide which lot we wanted.  I liked #26, but D liked #14 better.  When we met with the owners, it turned out the lot I liked had already been sold, so we settled for the other one, and chose the display model house.  All we had to do now was come up with a down payment and sign the papers.

Meanwhile, my baby girl was thriving in her pre-school class:)  She was making friends, enjoyed her teacher, and looked forward to every Wednesday.

After our refund arrived, we had a nice meal and paid off some debts.  D even attended a meeting and made the decision to sign up with QuikStar, a spinoff of Amway.  I wasn't thrilled, but he was excited about it, so I reluctantly agreed to go along to the next meeting.

I also began chauffeuring two kids home from school; I took the neighbor's daughter to school and even picked her up sometimes; the twins' mom made the decision to pull them out of their preschool, so I now had them all day long.  I did enjoy the money I was making:)

Managed to see T for a while, but his attitude was not the greatest; I began to think maybe that two months in a row was a bit much; he needed more time to 'departmentalize' his feelings toward me.

Next Month:  Signing the Papers!

Present Day:
My parents are arriving later today, to spend some time with their grandchildren and great-grandchild, and for Mom to finally see the house:)

Tomorrow, I believe the daughter and I will be going to see 50 Shades Darker.

Sunday, I have to sing at the 11am service, and I will finally finish watching SE6 of Downton Abbey.  I also borrowed the movie Suffragette, and have to watch it this weekend:)

Kenzie is talking music!  Go visit her here.

Have a great weekend!  Our weather is supposed to be in the high 60's!  In FEBRUARY!

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