Friday, February 24, 2017

Flashback Friday: Super Bowl!

Feb 2007:
The Super Bowl was set!  Colts vs Chicago Bears.

Since my oldest son's antics during the playoffs had threatened the shelf lives of everything on the piano, we completely cleared it off before friends arrived.

I'd acquired Colts PJ pants and a Peyton Manning shirt, so I changed right before the game began.  We snacked on Chicken Broccoli Braid, bacon-tomato cups, chips and dip, and whatever the spouse decided to fix.

Prince played the halftime show, in the rain, w/o missing any notes.  He was awesome!

In contrast to the playoffs, the game was a subdued affair, and the Indianapolis Colts won their 1st Super Bowl:)

For Valentine's Day, the spouse showed up with chocolates, as well as a stuffed Mama Tiger and cub for the daughter:)

We tried to eat at Garfield's restaurant, but the wait was too long, so we went across the street to the Dogwood Amish Buffet.

Next Month:  Joining The Online Community!

Present Day:
Kenzie's 10th book released yesterday!  Go here to check it out and enter her contest:)

The weather the past two weeks has been outstanding!  Temps in the 60s and 70s....the only reason I've even worn a coat is because of rain!

Rehearsals for the Community Choir's Once Upon A Tree have begun:)  S and I also drove up to Ben Davis last night for MDQ's choir concert.

Filed our taxes last Sunday; we're getting $800+ back from Fed, but have to send $900+ to the state.  Bleh.

I did sing at a funeral on Wed, and had a disaster strike during the Responsorial:  G had one version; mine was completely different!  We only 'synched up' during verses 2 and 4, as well as the response.  OOPS!  Still, I like being paid to sing:)

Have a great weekend!  Hopefully, we'll be doing some cleaning up of the front yard and maybe the storage unit.

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