Saturday, January 13, 2018

Amazing Race: Belgium! Plus Ink Master, SE10

I arrived home Wed and discovered my DVR wasn't set up; I only caught the last half hour.  Finally last night, I remembered I could probably watch it online, so I did:)

Turns out I didn't miss much.  Contestants rode the same plane to Amsterdam, then the same train to Antwerp.  There was some confusion about where to go next, but they all managed to complete the Sky Ladder (ladders attached to a 200 ft crane), which meant they had to climb to the top before their ladders disappeared, and retrieve their clue.  I THINK two contestants' clues fell before they got to the top, but I THINK they still had to reach the top first.  At any rate, it was on to the next challenge.

They had their choice of either a printing press or trying to asses the value of a diamond.  Some apparently had never seen a printing press, or have any concept of how a typewriter worked, and after not understanding the letters were BACKWARDS, they gave up and switched, which proved even more difficult.  Granted, some excelled at this, while other floundered.

Team Slam Dunk finished first, only to discover they had to wait for another team; this was the 1st head-to-head challenge.  Team BB was next, and their objective was to put 8 sacks of french fries on a cart and wheel it around an obstacle course.  Cody easily won it, since Cedric first dropped one bag, then ran into a corner and dropped everything.  C and Jess won the leg, and $2500 a piece.

Team Slam Dunk then had to wait for the next team, Yale, and won that one.

Then it was Yale's turn....and kept getting beat by:

They finally beat Goat Yoga, who promptly lost to:

April was too tired against either Eric or Daniel, and they were eliminated.

Now For Ink Master, Season 10:
I was interested to see if I remembered any of the ones who won the Ink Master Angels, and truthfully, the only one I remembered was Sparks. 

Dave and Co divvied up the 24 contestants by having everyone do a tattoo, then critiqued it blind.  3 returning Masters, Steve, DJ, and Anthony, would be coaches, and would rank the tats in order to choose their teams.  At the end of the 1st round, the teams looked like this:

DJ:  (took rank # 1, 2, and 3):  Matt (Jewish Guy), Josh, and Deanna

Anthony:  (#4, 5, and 7):  Warren, Jason, Daniel.

Steve (#6, 8, and 9):  Katie, Garrett, and Rollie.

Next, the remaining artists had to tattoo again, this time either in Japanese, Traditional, or Literary Women's Faces (?? Check this).  After being critiqued, the coaches would pick.  If the others wanted the same artist, then the ARTIST would choose.  The remaining 9 chosen were:

Team DJ:  Frank, Sparks (YES, he was chosen!!), and Lil' D.

Team Anthony:  Linzy, Amanda, Mike.

Team Steve:  Jeremy, Fame, and Gary.

The remaining 6 not chosen were sent home, rather disappointed.

See you next week!

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