Monday, January 1, 2018

January Goals: Happy New Year 2018!

Last Year, I Resolved To:
-Finish writing Heart Song  Made it to Ch. 6.
-Publish #4 of my Sci-Fi Rom series (Check!) and write #5 (Began it; still on Ch. 2).
-Get books #1-6 of my Arbor University Tales (Women's Fiction) series in print  Formatted and ready to go; still waiting on print wraps
-Successfully help my 6th grader bring up his grades in Math, Social Studies, and Language Arts All but Math; he DID advance to 7th grade.
-Lose another 5 lbs or more  Check; I've boomeranged up and down, but think this is a score:)
-Cut back on signings; instead of 14 like last year, only do six which cost money, and a few local ones which are free.  Totally blew this one in April.  Ended up doing another 14.  Did do the free local ones and the Watermelon Fest.
-Organize my basement office  Nope; not yet
-As for the karaoke songs, well, I'd like to maybe hit the 'P' titles?  I'm beginning the year still on the 'Love' titles.  I'm thinking there may not be many 'N' or 'O' titles.  I could be wrong.  Still on the last of the 'O' titles.

2018 Goals:
-Write #5 of The Chosen
-Promote Whispers Anthology
-Limit my craft fairs and set up only at:
     -Author's Fair in April, in addition to a local event.
     -May:  1st Friday AND Opening weekend of Farmer's Market
     -June:  1st Friday
     -July:  1st Friday
     -Aug:  Watermelon Festival and GenCon (IF we get approved)
     -Sept:  1st Friday, maybe Paletine's event; Eminence Harvest Festival, and the Evansville                             Fairgrounds event.
     -Oct:  Imaginarium
     -Nov:  Indy Christmas Show, maybe the Christmas Stroll.  This year, I was exhausted and                           skipped it.
-Finish Heart Song 
-Set up a few local signings at our coffee shop/brewery.
-Get our Green House torn down, and the Brown House emptied.  I've decided to move my office into the Brown House (provided the spouse approves!).
-Continue participation in the MFRW Blog Challenge 2018.  Kenzie had a good time, so maybe I'll do it this year??  Or switch off every week?  Month??
-Lose 5 lbs each month.  If I succeed, I'll be down to 200 lbs by this time next year.  Starting weight:  232

Monthly Goals:
Buy inventory  Check:)  Bought copies of HS, CA, and half of what I need of Kenzie's.  TP and Orion still to be ordered.
Write Ch 6 of Heart Song
Get my clothes out of the box and into a rubbermaid 3 drawer chest Check:)
Organize boys' room  Check:)
Lose 5 lbs
Pay cover artist (Paid half!) for Winning Her Heart AND order copies 
Pay for March event  Cancelled
Buy new Prayer Journal and calendar  Check:)
Finish watching Criminal Minds (Check!) and The Crown (Check!) before binge-watching Game of Thrones
Start watching The Ranch on Netflix  (Check! Finished 1/28!  Now onto Stranger Things:)

Reading Schedule:
Tomb of the Moon-N. E. Riggs
Clayton's Star-Jillian Jacobs  Well thought out plot/story line; I just got tired of her TSTL antics.
Five Coffees-Cathy Jackson  Story wasn't what I remembered, but still good:)
Dragon Teeth-Michael Crichton About halfway in, I found myself skimming.  Wasn't as good as his other books.
Gears of Golgotha-Rebekah McAuliff  Was excited to read this, since I know the author.  Really enjoyed the first few chapters, then I got lost somewhere.  First she can't stand Damon, but yet ends up kissing him?  And why would a director 'suddenly' decide to take notice of a newbie?  That part didn't make sense until the end....but I got tired of all the 'jaw dropping', over-use of exclamation points, and confusing names.  I might reread this in another ten or so years.  Need to talk to publisher about who proofread the document.

Secrets and Lies (HOB #4)-Susanne Matthews  Amazing, well-thought out story!  DRR!

White Liar-Miranda Lambert Couldn't hear myself and thought it was squeaky, but two people complimented me on it!
Miles To Go-Celine Dion Nailed it!
White Rabbit-Jefferson Airplane Nailed it, except for one line!  Went down instead of up, then recovered on next line.  Will definitely re-sing this at some point.
***Due to the weather and extreme cold, I was unable to make it out until Jan 25th!*****

Only The Young-Journey Nailed it, though slightly scratchy.  Might sing it again!
Open Arms-Journey Nailed it:)  Voice cooperated!
O Christmas Tree LOL....this version was slightly slower; started out good, but went downhill by vers #3!
Opposites Attract-Paula Abdul Bleh...
O Come All Ye Faithful Bleh; wrong key
O Holy Night  Nailed it!  My favorite carol!
Oops I Did It Again-Britney Spears Not too bad:)
Our Lips Are Sealed-Go-Gos Good:)
Out of Touch-Hall and Oates  Not too bad!
Out Here On My Own-Irene Cara Nailed it:)
Over You-Daughtry I'm surprised I did well on it!
Owner of A Lonely Heart-Yes  Wasn't too awful...
Over You-Miranda Lambert Think it was a little too low...
Pac-Man Fever-Buckner and Garcia Sang this with Tracy, and had fun!  Probably never again, lol...
Pallisades Park-Freddie Cannon Voice was going; a little crackly, but the chorus was good.  Will re-sing.
Only The Young-Journey (Re-sing)  Voice is back!  Nailed it! Papa Don't Preach-Madonna  Nailed it!
Paparazzi-Lady Gaga  Did well, and was congratulated!
Paper Roses-Marie Osmond Perfect!  

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

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