Saturday, January 27, 2018

Reality TV Recap #3

Ink Master Ep #3:
Testing Proportion
Flash Challenge:  Coach's Face-Off
Steve-Portrait of elderly man with pipe
Anthony-Portrait of Tiger Lady
DJ- Hand holding apple, with snake above

Steve won the challenge, which meant his team was safe.  The next twist?  2 artists would be eliminated, one from each team....and the coaches had to make the choice.

Elimination Challenge:  Mythical Gods

Observation #1:  Is DJ setting up Sparks for failure?  Told him to flip his stencil, so the face was turned OUTWARD instead of INWARD.  Isn't that a no-no???

#2:  Amanda used Hercules for reference, not Hades.

#3:  Jason has the only color tat.

Best over all:  
Frank's Hades

Chopping Block:
DJ: Deanna, Sparks, Lil' D
Anthony:  Jason, Amanda, Linzy

As they deliberated, Anthony pointed out that Amanda and Jason were coachable; they asked questions and followed his advice.  Linzy did not, so she was eliminated.

DJ and Sparks' feud came to a head when he said both Deanna and Lil 'D's were more coachable.  Sparks packed up.

I was disappointed; Sparks was the only one I remembered from the Angel series, and had hoped he'd do well.  He just picked the wrong coach. 

Amazing Race Ep #4:  France!
In Saint-Tropez, they had to sail a dinghy and collect two parts of their clues.
Team Xtreme was there 1st; Indy didn't read their clue and had to set out again after finally getting the first half.

Speed bump:  NBA had to stack 15 dinghys in numerical order before they could do the roadblock.  Cedric found out his weight was a huge disadvantage:  He kept sinking.

Firefighters didn't understand how to put their car in 'Reverse', and had to put it in 'Neutral', then push it backward.  Geez.....

Ocean seemed lost, but finally found it.  Evan (Team Yale) had a tooth get chipped when the sail smacked her in the mouth.

Detour:  Bread or Tread?
X-Tread (making a sandal) 1st to finish
NBA -Tread

Head-To-Head Challenge #2:
Xtreme vs Indy
Indy Wins!!!  5K for each!
Xtreme vs Well-Strung
Xtreme Wins!!
Well-Strung vs Chomp
Chomp Wins!!
Well-Strung vs Ocean
Well-Strung Wins!!
Ocean vs Yale
Yale Wins!!
Ocean vs Firefighters
Firefighters Win!!
Ocean vs NBA
Ocean Wins!!!

It was a VERY close win; the tape measure had to come out, and sadly, the NBA players were eliminated 

Next up:  Les Baux!
Roadblock:  Making a catapult while your partner is in stocks.
Ocean finished 1st, followed by:
Well Strung

Detour:  Bull or Van Gogh Painting Puzzle
All but Chomp went for the Bull.
Ocean finished 1st and arrived at the Pit Stop 1st!  Won a trip to Bali!!
Xtreme and Firefighters were on their heels and got to witness the Proposal!!!
Yale just missed it; arrived as they were kissing.
Indy was able to congratulate the happy couple:)
Chomp had trouble understanding the puzzle concept, but finally solved it and arrived last.  They were eliminated.

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