Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Amazing Race, Season 30

I had such a good time blogging about BB last summer, I decided to do the same thing with AR, esp since everyone's favorite players *cough cough* are racing this year.

Team Chomp: Joey and Tim
Team NBA aka Slam Dunk Cedric and Shawn
Team BitchFit aka Ring Girls Dessie and Kayla
Team Indy Car:  Alexander Rossi and Connor Daly!!!
Team Extreme  Kristi and Jen
Team BB aka "Jody' aka Cody and Jessica
Team Ocean Rescue Lucas and Brittany
Team Goat Yoga Sarah and April
Team Yale  Henry and Evan
Team Firefighters  Eric and Daniel
Team Well Strung:  Violinists Trevor and Chris

Trip To Iceland:
Team Yale, Indy, and BB got off to an early lead. along with NBA.  Team Yoga seemed to be lost, having gotten directions from the flight attendant.

Jody won the 2nd challenge, followed by Yale and Team Extreme.  Jess told Cody, "You just beat Yale in a spelling comp.  How cool is that?"  

Cody:  "People tell me I'm smart."

Jess:  "Duh..."

Jody found the answers to the 2 questions, and were off to the pit stop.  Kristi and Jen were hot on their heels, finding Phil 1st.  Whew!

So to begin next leg, here's the line up:
NBA 30 min penalty, since Cedric told Shawn to 'pay attention to the Ps and Os'.
Eric and Daniel

Ring Girls elimnated by thousanths of a second.  WOW.....never in the history of the Race has a leg been that close between the final 3 teams.

So far, my favorites are Indy, Yale, and Chomp; they seem to work well together.  Grudgingly, I have to admit Jody is working well together too.

Coming Attractions:
Sometime during this race, they will face off head to head with another team, plus they'll be switching partners!  WOW!  Can't wait to see the expression on 'Jody's' face!

Stay tuned till next week....

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