Saturday, January 20, 2018

Reality TV Recap

Ink Master SE 10:
Testing the Fundamentals this week!

Flash Challenge:
The three teams competed with cups of colored water to make a design.
Steve:  Beetle (even drew it on a grid first, to make sure it was symmetrical!)
DJ:  Postage stamp with a bust and 2 cent rendering:) 
Anthony:  Large eye.

Winner:  Team DJ!

Elimination Tat:
Everyone had to design a maze, then DJ assigned two members of his team to assign the canvases.  There was a big 'oops' moment, when Sparks got the wrong canvas, courtesy of Josh, who had mixed up which skull he had in his hand.

Best of Each Team:
Steve:  Jeremy
Anthony:  Daniel
DJ:  Josh

Best Over All:  Daniel!

Back at the loft, DJ and Sparks got into an argument, b/c Sparks had formed an idea of what his canvas's 'little girl owl' should look like, but DJ didn't like the drawing, and told him to redo it.  As a result, his design was highly criticized, and ended up being too dark.  Sparks offered to switch teams when DJ lit into him. 

Something I didn't mention last week:  Sparks wanted to be on DJ's team, and was a little hurt when DJ didn't even speak to him at the initial challenge.  When it came time for the contestants to choose, I think Steve and DJ were vying for him, so Sparks immediately chose his idol DJ.  Unless these two curb their egos, I see Sparks' opinion of DJ going downhill FAST.

On The Chopping Block:
Coaches put of Garrett, then the judges chose Amanda and Deana.

Garrett ultimately ended up going home, due to too many skin breaks.

Amazing Race #30:  Morocco!

Fish Challenge:
K and J got lost initially, and Team BB was the first onto the next clue.  Despite Team Xtreme's wandering, they still beat Team Indy, who was last out of the gate (figuratively speaking).

Team Yale was 1st to find the guy with the map to their next clue.

What happened next was complicated:  They had to take their gnome to Zip Line #1, follow it on the ground to ZL #2, then repeat.  Find a phone booth and make a call in order to receive their next clue.  This involved a lot of running up and down steps, then remembering where you left your partner!

Team Yale was the first to go on to the detour; Team Xtreme left her gnome at the phone booth; Jessica made the decision to LEAVE it there and not tell Kristi, which had K furious, and thinking J stole her gnome.  Team NBA couldn't find his partner, and ended up being last to the detour.

They could either 'Shake It Off" (belly dancing) or Delivery.  Most chose the belly dancing.

Yale and Indy were a close 1st and second, but Yale prevailed, winning a trip.
Well Strung (Trevor and Chris)
Chomp (Joey and Tim)
Firefighters (Eric and Daniel)
Ocean (Lucas and Brittany)
NBA....But.....Non-Elimination Leg!!!  Whoot!

I'm wondering if Ep 3 will begin with Jess and Kristi exchanging heated words over 'Gnomegate'?

Stay tuned!

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