Friday, June 14, 2019

Flashback Friday: Math Class Quest

June 1989
"You Have To Be 21 To Work Here..."
My classes ended, and B helped me pack some of my things into his BMW and drove me home for the weekend, probably for the Indy 500.

Dad took me back, and we packed up the rest.  On the way home, we stopped at Engine Co 59 in Frankfurt, and I casually asked our server if they were hiring.

She looked at me, wearing my faded clam diggers (today we'd call them Capri pants!), white Wilson Tennis T-shirt, hair pulled back into a ponytail, and zero makeup.

"You have to be 21 to work here."

My dad laughed.

"She's twenty-three!"

I pulled out my drivers license and showed it to her.  She brought me an app, and told me to turn it into the bartender in the next room (we were in the Family area); she'd seen me also and thought I was only 18!

Search For Math Class
I went over to Purdue, called IUPUI, and even IU, but nowhere was my final required Math class offered in the summer.  I had no choice but to drive back and forth to BSU every day.  Enrolled in my final class, and had a two-week break before school resumed.

Renting My Room
Mom and Dad talked it over and decided to charge me 5% of my paychecks in exchange for room and board, and phone charges.  I agreed, and my daily schedule looked like this:

7am:  Get up, dress, shower

8-8:30am:  Drive to BSU (90 minute drive, but sometimes I'd leave early to grab breakfast along the way)

10-Noon:  Class

Noon-2pm:  Lunch with B, or on my own, if he wasn't available, followed by an afternoon in the pool at his apartment complex and showering at his apartment after, or driving to Indy to apartment search.

3pm:  Driving to work

5-close:  Working at Engine Co 59 (yes, I got the job!)

Next Month:  The Day I Almost Quit My Job and Me and My Big Mouth!

Present Day:
I'm enjoying another four days off before beginning my new schedule!  I'll be working M-Tu-Th-F 3-close and 2-close every Wednesday!  Looking forward to the larger paychecks, and now I need to find someone to cover for me July 5th.

Tomorrow, I'll be at Celebrate Main in Washington, In, and am currently praying the rain holds off until after the event!

*****Warning:  Rant Ahead********

My 2nd chick is getting ready to fly the nest!  S got a job offer at FedEx and will start Tues.  She and A will pack up a small amount of their belongings and move in with J and Co until she either finds a place to live, or decides to move back home.

Given the way things went Monday-Tues, when she interviewed, I don't see this lasting long.....J knew she was coming, yet had 'no food' in the house for dinner.  S used her emergency funds to go by a chicken to fry for dinner.  My thought was, what were they going to eat for dinner, had S and A not been there?

S also reported MDQ has moved Master P to the living room, because apparently he goes to sleep watching baby videos and it 'annoys' her.  Plus, he still sleeps in a pack-n-play, because his crib is 'bulky' and 'doesn't fit her decor'. gave up your right to your own room when you became a Mom last year, and you still live with your own!  Grow up, MDQ......and stop worrying about a have your SON to raise!  You can get your 'life' back when he goes to school or turns 18!

*****rant over*****

Have a wonderful Father's Day Weekend!!!!

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