Friday, June 21, 2019

Flashback Friday: Meeting Miss Entitled....

June 1999:
I had taken on the task of Concession Rep for our team, which meant having a key to the stand, being in charge of lining up workers from our team, and getting things started in the mornings....

Things were going well; all the moms on our team had stepped up to help out in some way or another.  One mom kept score; another was Dugout Mom, the one who kept track of the lineup, bats, helmets, etc, and I was Concession Mom.  One of our mom's was pregnant with her fourth child, so I took her shift one day.

Unfortunately, my child not only got stung by a bee, but hit a grand slam home run!  And I missed it, because I couldn't see the field from the stand, and no one caught it on camera!

One morning, I arrived to find the other Pee-Wee concession mom loitering outside.

"I left my key at home....oops!"  She never bothered to help get things ready; just went on her merry way. 

I was flabbergasted.  What would she have done, had our game been AWAY that day?  Then the next week, all hell broke loose.

I had been told, that when both home teams played each other, it was the team designated HOME's responsibility to man the stand.  Our sheet clearly said our team was the 'visiting' team, so I planned to videotape the game.  Since we arrived before the other team, I went ahead and got things started in the stand, so parents and other family members could have coffee/hot chocolate and a snack before the game.  The other team arrived, so I closed the door and went to sit in the stands.

Next thing I know, people are complaining because there's no worker.  I knew a teenager on the other team's family, so I asked her to work it.  Unfortunately, the teen wasn't very good at Math, so I heard plenty of grumbling about her, and after the game was over (they trounced us, lol!), parents complained to ME about the fact I'd not lined anyone up, and didn't seem to care that it wasn't my responsibility that day.  I fumed about it for days. 

Several weeks later, I asked the Concession Manager about whose responsibility it was, and she backed me up!  When I told her what had happened, she nodded and said she'd heard similar stories about that particular mom.  I wasn't alone.

Next Month:  County Fair Fun!

Present Day:
I'm almost finished with the 1st week of my new schedule, and so far I'm still cheerful:)  Today is payday, and I'm almost finished paying for all my events!  Teen has only today, then M-Wed of next week for summer PE, then he's finished until August.  Daughter is still looking for a job.

This weekend is our Rainbow Over The Wabash (aka PrideFest) and the Corning Irish Festival.  Praying the rain holds off, and sales are good!

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