Friday, June 7, 2019

Flashback Friday

June 1979:
Have I mentioned anywhere that I was taking organ lessons?  I began piano lessons in 1978 with a neighbor, Mrs. Letterloh, but since I was practicing on an organ, she suggested I switch to an organ teacher, Mrs. Buck, who lived on the corner of our county road.  During the school year, I would take my book to school and get off at her house.  During the summer, I switched to Saturdays, and would either walk or ride my bike.

My 'favorite' time to practice was while Mom was making dinner.  This way I got out of setting the table; I would give her a 'concert', since I was a fast learner, and had soon learned to play some of her favorite hymns, such as Nearer My God To Thee, and old songs such as Unchained Melody.  I'd also taught myself Ode To Joy, which pleased my dad!  However, after a few days, Mom caught on to what I was doing, and insisted I practice another time, and come do my chores!

Next Month:  Florida!

Present Day:
I'm fighting off a summer cold/allergies/bronchitis.  Going to set up at Spring On Main tonight, weather's supposed to rain SOME time.  Really hoping it either a) gets it out of the way before set up time or b) holds off until after 10 pm!  Hoping to make some extra funds tonight, since I'll be paying for tomorrow's festivities.

Today is also Alex's long-awaited 7th birthday!  She's only been counting down the days for the past three months, ha ha!  Tomorrow, weather permitting, we're taking her to Brown County State Park, since she's now old enough to ride the trail horses with her mommy:)  There's been a lot of discussion over Will and if we should lie about his age, so he doesn't have to wear a helmet.  He says yes; Alex insists she's going to 'rat him out'.  We'll see what happens tomorrow.  Kid stands 6'5, so I don't really see the need for him to wear a helmet, esp since he's taller than his older siblings!

Have a great weekend!

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