Monday, June 24, 2019

Life In Lumber, Week #13

Day 72:  2nd Week of New Schedule
Shift was busy from the time I arrived.  No real issues tonight, or CFHs, just busy!  Went to dinner at 5:15 (which I thought was INSANELY early!), then things settled down and was able to get my soda count done.

We're implementing some new policies, and I don't particularly like one of them:  We 'get docked' if we have too many hand-keyed items, such as tabbing over on the gun (say a customer has 30 2x4x8s....we scan one, hit 'tab', type '30', then 'enter'.  They now want us to scan it 30 times?  NO THANKS!), or when someone buys the 7/8th particle board, we now have to scan the code from the book instead of typing '12212', then tabbing to quantity.  What about the bar codes which refuse to be scanned?  Fortunately, Aliscia and I agree; if there are more than 10 items, we're gonna tab over.  Same with the bagged items, where the customer has written the item # on the bag, and the quantity.  I'm gonna type it, instead of looking up the item for the damn code!  Again, this also depends on how busy the line is at the time....

Had everything accomplished before close, then took my two items back to their area, took a brief potty break, and took off my vest.  Mikayla said she'd cover for me on the 5th, so yay!  I won't have to call in:)

Day 73: I Get A Cooper Kiss:)
Shift was fairly steady; was able to see Travis and his boss (he's working for a rental company); and 'met' Floyd the Great Dane and Cooper the Border Collie, who 'kissed' me when I leaned down to find the bar code on the paneling!

Went to lunch at 5:55. and when I returned, was able to do my closing duties, except for the sweeping.  Jordan kept insisting he didn't know where the dust mop was, or the dust pan.....but as Mel was cleaning out my drawer, I saw Chad with the dust mop!  Tomorrow, I NEED to remember to 'steal' it after dinner, lol!

Also saw my least-favorite person, who thought I needed the sign from the plywood in order to enter it.  At least we were able to be civil toward each other, and no more 'narcissistic' comments from the Peanut Gallery.

We finished early tonight; was home by 9:30!

Checked my stats at the end.....82% scanning, 50% 'friendly' (surveys).  Also sold two more LPPs tonight!

Here's hoping tomorrow is smooth and steady:)

Day 74:  Long Day
From 2-5:30, shift was fairly uneventful.  Had to call for an approval code for DANCORP, but that's about it.  D picked me up at 5:45 and took me to dinner at LJS, then returned me an hour later.  Began my closing duties, and had two CFHs between 8:30 and closing time.  The first wanted to add some OSB and quickcrete to her delivery order, plus wanted to pay for the other items she'd bought.  The second had four carts of ceramic tile, lumber, OSB, and screening.    Had to take some returns back, and my loading tickets and tax exempts; no soda was sent down.  Tasha asked me to return two window blinds to Home Decor, and some plastic sheeting to Millwork, which turned out to be Building Materials.  Got out of there at 9:30.

Also had a storm blow in around 8, and a lot of tarps were being sold!

Here's hoping tomorrow is equally smooth and steady!

Day 75: Al...Most...The...Weekend!
Shift was fairly smooth!  The only hiccups involved customers wanting to order lumber, and me having to call Brandon to do it.  Jordan had to load 52 sheets of OSB and got the forks a little too close on the way up the stack, ripping some of them.  Then, when he was reloading the stack, he accidentally backed into the lumber desk.  No damage to the desk, however!

Had a carpet come through, with the wrong item # on it.  Customer had to go back to Flooring, since I couldn't get them on the phone.  Turned out they'd left out a digit!

Other than not getting bags and register tape, closing duties were all accomplished in a timely manner.  Had to return one item to Tools and two to Hardware:)

Looking forward to tomorrow, and hope it follows the rest of this week in going well!

Day 76:  TGIF!
I think this 5 days in a row thing is kicking my butt....I'm more tired today than I was earlier in the week!  Still, the first three hours went well.  Then I sacrificed my lunch break to finally watch the training vids I've tried to watch the past two weeks.  When I returned, I immediately needed an override, then ran out of dollar bills and had to switch to register #2.  We had a 7:00 'rush', and Marci brought down the sodas.....but every time I tried to stock the cooler, someone else would show up!  I didn't get the cooler finished until nearly 8:30.  Pulled trash at 8:45; spot-swept at closing time, then had three people in line as the lights were being dimmed.  Managed to get them rung up before HC Cindy arrived, and locked the doors as she was cleaning out the registers.  Had to take two things back to Tools and Building Materials, and Karlee took my tax exempts and loading tickets.  Found some Flex Glue that had to be returned to Paint, then got my things from my locker and took off my vest.

Saw Kaleb, who was in for some lumber.  He's doing construction now, and filling in at Lowe's on the weekend.  I gave him a big hug:)

We're off to the Beef House for a late lunch tomorrow!  Then, I have a four-day week that includes S's 25th birthday:)  See you next week!

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