Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's Here:)

The good news: The galley to LFAW arrived!

The bad new: I've proofread the first 50 pages and have already found 12 mistakes that are mine, and 5 that are not. And out of the 12 that are, only 2 would be considered 'major'...a word was inverted, and a "0" where a dash should be. The others are simply an extra space between two words! Why my MS Word spell-check didn't catch it, I don't know...unless I accidentally hit 'ignore' too many times?

At any rate, it's my choice...I'll have to pay a $25 flat fee, but at $2 a correction...the extra spaces will probably end up staying in, except for the ones that weren't my fault. And hey...when LIS came out, I found 11 more corrections that I'd missed, plus the gigantic error my publisher refused to fix, because of the communication breakdown the day of the editing panal! It was a choice...let my hubby go through life-changing surgery alone, or have a properly edited book...Hmmm...I chose to be at the hospital!

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Amarinda Jones said...

Thankfully my fabulous editor picks up all my dumb mistakes so I am lucky. However as we are both Aussies, occasionally the odd Aussie word will sneak through. When it gets to the FLE stage (front line editng or something like that)they go 'what the hell does this word mean?' So I have many people cleaning up after me and I am grateful

Molly Daniels said...

It's been interesting...I've not read this MS since June, and I've also found 3 instances where I could have used a better word:) Right now, if I could correct all the 'obvious' ones, it would cost me $53...and hubby's less than may have to leave some of them in, to pacify his bank account!

anny cook said...

We all find stuff like that later. If we waited until it was perfect, it would never be published. So we do the best we can and let our babies go.