Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wanted: New Eyes!

Updated Word Count: 2131...I did a little better today:)

Word Count: 350...I know, pretty bad. But with a child at home with a sinus infection, and another child involved with swim practice, I haven't had the time this week! And this was yesterdays...check back later. It might improve:)

Currently reading: An American Love Story, by Rona Jaffe. It's pretty good:)

I guess my age (or the family genes) are finally catching up with me. Why? I have to take off my glasses to see what I'm typing!

About 3 years ago, I was watching TV and realized the morning news anchors had no faces, only blurry images where eyes, nose, and mouth are supposed to be. This also coincided with the awareness I was suddenly uncomfortable driving after dark. So, I did what any responsible person does...I went to the eye doctor.

To my surprise, my eyes hadn't worsened; one of my eyes had actually improved its sight capasity, and the other eye just hadn't kept up. Verdict? Either regular lenses or no-line bifocals, which I was probably going to need in a few years anyway. Since my hubby is a stickler for spending money on things like glasses, dental exams, and the cost of doctors (yes, we have insurance, but not dental or eye!), I opted for the bifocals, realizing it would probably be a while before I would be able to shell out another $200 on myself.

Now it's 3 years later...and for the past 2 months, I've had to remove my glasses in order to read. Earlier this week, I found it easier to remove them while reading Kelly, AJ, and Anny's blogs...and last night, my Home Page on Yahoo decided for whatever reason to shrink the print size...and it's affected nearly every page I click on, including this one!

So, I'm typing without my glasses, and hating every minute of it. I asked my teen geek squad if they had any idea why my internet was suddenly ganging up on me; he hadn't a clue.

So if anyone reading this has any concept of why my screens are suddenly ant-sized, please let me know? It probably has something to do with javascript of something...and everytime I get that message 'javascript disabled', and try to re-enable it, my computer settings tell me it's already on! I just have to suffer until the technology gods decide to quit messing around and fix this on their own, or do I just have to get a new computer in 3 months?

Or, do the adult thing and go back to the eye doctor?

Hubby's eyes are first; then Sara's. I'll be lucky to get mine by Easter...okay, Tax time. Unless hubby decides he can pay for all 3 at the same time without wincing at the check he's writing!


Phoenix said...

My husband and children have glasses, but I don't. Can't relate. BUT when J, 10, first got her glasses at aged 5 she came home and stared at the kitchen floor. "We have white tile!" she exclaimed. Then she looked at me and her little eyes grew round, "Mom, you have a huge smile and it's so shiny." Not sure about the shiny part but yes, I have lots of teeth. It's tragic that your child doesn't know what you actually look like until they are five. Made me cry for being such an unobservant mother.

Molly Daniels said...

Found out the daughter had changed the text size! It's not just my eyes ganging up on me's my kids!

Unknown said...

I only wear glasses for the computer. Of late one of the lenses keeps popping out - solution? New frames? A new screen to hold it in? Nah - sticky tape

jackie said...

I realized my oldest son at age 8 needed glasses when he asked me why everyone put elephants in their fields. I reaalized he was talking about the large round bails of hay. His big awakening was whenhe decided that night to watch tv and started listing all the "new' revelations he was seeing there. Yes I as well felt like the worlds worst mother.

But Moly I have an extra pair to loan!

jackie said...

That would be Molly not moly! oops. sorry

Molly Daniels said...

Hey...I've been called worse:)