Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mon Sept. 17

I was inspired yesterday.

Kelly has interviewed a couple of her fictional men; AJ interviewed her two pen names. I was wondering how an interview of my own would go with some of my characters, and then all of a sudden, there they were, 'talking' in my head. I asked them to slow down and let me moderate...
We're in a plush hotel room...Amy Callahan, heroine of the book due out in November, Love Finds A Way; Elicia Keller, heroine of Love is Sober; and Gretchen McLaren, who appears in both book, and whose story will unfold in Love the Second Time Around, the current title. Amy and Gretchen are both blonde; Gretchen's hair is golden and flows past her shoulders, while Amy's ash-blonde curls brush her collar. Elicia holds herself regally, her blue-black wavy hair falling just under her ears.

Greetings, girls! I've asked you here to get some feedback on the books from your perspective.

E: Well I for one think the editing in my book could have been a little better...

G: Oh, hush...no one gets it perfect on the first try!

Thank you, Gretchen. I've already explained about the communication problems, Elicia. After the others are published, I'll re-pubb yours with "Love On the Rocks" as the title.

E: That will be fine.

A: But wait! That was my title! Why did you change it? It certainly fit me and Matt's rocky road!

G: I like the new title. I thought LIS was horrible.

E: So does the rest of the publishing world.

Okay, so we've established no one is happy with the way Elicia's story was published. It was my first venture, and I'll admit I could have edited more closely. What about the content?

E: I never realized I was coming off as such a stuck-up snob. Only why, why, WHY did you have to kill off Brent?

Unfortunately, it was necessary for your spiral into self-destruction. And besides, you found love again!

A: Yeah...about that. You never finished her story! Did you and Eric ever get married?

E: No. I wanted to live in the city, and he got a job out in the middle of nowhere. I was not about to bury myself in a small town again, so we broke up. And speaking of which, why didn't you invite me back for the reunion? Gretchen said everyone but me is back in the finale!

G: We'd lost touch, Elicia! I tried to find you...

E (interrupting): I registered with Classmates.com!

G: I know. I sent you an email, but you never answered.

E: Why should I pay that much just to post pictures? There's always the phone book and something called 'information'...

G(rolling her eyes): See there? You could have been invited, if you were really interested about hearing from me!

A: I liked Elicia's story. I never really had a chance to get to know her, and it would've given me some insight to Matt's behavior.

E: I haven't read yours yet. It's not available. But I've gotta hand it to you...it takes guts to stand up to the parents and move across the country to keep your man faithful.

A: Apparently, that didn't even help.

Let's not reveal too much, ladies. Remember, Amy's story won't be revealed for another 8 weeks or so.

E: Okay then...My question to you, Amy, is how did you manage to only have sex twice a year? That must have driven you crazy!

A(smiling and winks): You didn't read his letters!

G: I'm just glad you didn't sleep with Troy...oops, I'm revealing again. Sorry.

E: Who's Troy?

Never mind...we're getting off track.

G(stage-whisper): He's a sexy, Air Force lawyer I meet, and wow, is he ever good in bed!

Gretchen, your story doesn't come out for maybe 2 more years. Do you want me to have to rewrite it?

G: No, no...I like the way you wrote me, except for the way I lost my virginity. I thought I was smarter than that.

E: I did too. Sheesh! Give the girl some male attention and the clothes just fall off...

G: You're one to talk. An entire bottle of wine and you strip-tease...

A: That's why I don't drink.

G: Maybe you should have. On the other hand, Matt's got some hot friends. Good thing you kept your head.

A: In the original version, I did sleep with Troy. But Molly thought it seemed too slutty, so she re-wrote it.

I didn't think the readers would accept Troy being with you first, then falling for Gretchen, and the two of you becoming friends. That's why the change.

E (raising eyebrow): Have YOU ever slept with a friend's cast-off?

That's none of your business.

A (sitting up straight): No, that's a good point. All of us are facets of your personality; I'm a fictional version of the 1st love of your life; Gretchen's story shows what clearly happens when you lose faith in yourself. So if we're parts of you, and you had me sleep with Matt's best friend, who's to say it didn't actually happen?

I'm pleading the 5th. Thank you for coming, ladies...

G: Not so fast...why weren't Keri and Caitlyn invited?

They were. Keri was out of town, and Caitlyn had plans with Bryan.

A (sighes): Typical Cait...

E: So Amy, how would you rate Troy as a lover?

A: I don't kiss and tell...but since the scene was changed, had I not been so ashamed of myself, I'd have to agree with Gretchen. That man knows how to please a woman!

Again, ladies...too much information. Thank you for coming, and we'll do this again in a few years.

A: See what happens when you talk to yourself?


Amarinda Jones said...

excellent blog - welcome to blog land

Molly said...

Thank you...some of the 'help' features made my eyes glaze over:)

Kelly Kirch said...

Yeah!!! It's about bloody time, woman. Love the cover. Love the interview. Way to enter the E-era.

jackie rogers said...

You go Molly. What is funny now is that you "Muse", I RANT! lol

jackie rogers said...

Way to go molly....hehe. You "Muse", I RANT!

Molly Daniels said...

I can rant with the best of 'em...esp when I can't take much more of D's attitude:) See entry on site after labor day:)

jackie rogers said...

Been there done that. Finally told john about it ALL being YOUR fault I am back at the keyboard, he just grinned.

Molly Daniels said...

Glad to 'infect' another friend with the writer's bug:)