Friday, September 21, 2007

Problem Solved!

I discovered what yesterday's problem was. My daughter had, for whatever reason, decided to change the entire text font to the smallest possible. Is it a plot to drive Mom crazy? Or simple teenage 'logic'...she forgot to change it back?

Attended a 'webinar' last online seminar on marketing my book in the non-traditional way, and how to boost holiday sales...yes, it's sneaking up on us again! I had to leave 15 minutes before the session was over, and they were just getting to the 'good' part...the part that dealt with how to approach gift shops and other outlets for books. Maybe they'll offer it again? I've already approached a few of the suggestions, on my own, before last night. I've placed my 1st book at 2 gift shops, and in one college bookstore. I've even lined up one signing...I'm to be the 'headline' for the Christmas Kick-Off Sale in November at the Lost Mermaid here in Vincennes. I've also spoken with the manager of the VU bookstore, and since LFAW didn't get released as early as planned and I missed Back to School Weekend and the fall Parent's Weekend, I'm tentatively scheduled for the Spring Parent's Weekend, and should have a good turnout.
I've also planned to approach a couple of other Indiana colleges when my 2nd book comes out, and the webinar reminded me to approach the Alumni Associations as well.

My first week of my son's new schedule has gone well. I take him to school at 7 am for a physics class which can't be taught during school hours because the regular teacher has been called up for military deployment, and a qualified substitute cannot be found. The class was told they could either drop it with no penalties, or take it before school. Mine obviously chose to do so. And since he's also joined the swim team, he has practice from 5-7 pm every night. I drop him off; go spend an hour with my mother-in-law; go home and cook dinner; pick him up; we eat! The only one who objects to this is my daughter, who is left to watch her baby brother for an hour. The horrors of having to yesterday, I took him with me and gave her a break. (Note to self: When teen daughter is hormonal, take toddler with you! Do not fight; do not pass Go; do not collect $200...)

I really don't know what hubby has planned for the weekend. K has a scout planning meeting all day tomorrow, and I'd like to start weeding out the trash in our storage unit, now that we've gotten it organized. I guess it all depends on if he comes home in a good mood and stays in that good mood. Otherwise, it will be a repeat of Labor Day...him in front of the TV, me doing the Laundry Goddess duties, and older children playing video games:) I'll also be writing in longhand, as to avoid another conversation about my 'computer usage'!


Amarinda Jones said...

I am impressed. You are clearly up in this marketing lark. Well done

Molly Daniels said...

Thank you...I try:)

Kelly Kirch said...

Teeny tiny letter eh? Haven't had that one happen yet. Unless you hold control down with the minus sign that's fun to figure out. OH HEY! Do the control plus sign just for fun and really freak out your kids.

anny cook said...

Sometimes I when I write in longhand, I discover the creative on switch. About once a week, I sit down with a pad of paper and pen and just write in a stream of consciousness way. Some good ideas pop out that way. Think of it as an opportunity.