Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Author on the Web:)

Word Count: 2734 I've had a fairly creative streak going, and I'm well into chapter 4! My goal today was another 2000 words, and I've surpassed it. The only reason I'm quitting for the night is it's 9 pm and it's time to finish the laundry and clean up the kitchen!

Seriously. Where did the month go? I'm not quite ready for fall yet!

I'm happy to inform everyone that my friend Jackie has been re-bitten by the writer's bug! With that said, please check out her blog today and meet her cast of characters. She writes dark; I've read a couple of rough excerpts from her WIP, and I think it has potential. But I'm biased; we've been friends for almost 7 years, although I've known her hubby for nearly 20.

I'm off to nurse a sinus headache. That's another reason I'm not ready for fall...allergy season!

Note on the Lucky photo: It seems the picture I wanted to post is not on my computer yet, and the only halfway decent photo of this loveable creature has her sporting a pair of sunglasses!


Amarinda Jones said...

I like the dog - it looks very intelligent.

As for sinus - I hate it-it sucks and all must suffer when I have it. I like to share the know misery loves company

jackie rogers said...

thanks Molly for the link and promo. sSorry about the whole sinus thingy, I'm pretty sure I understand completely!!!!!!!!!!!