Saturday, September 29, 2007


9:30-Final WC: 3619. I don't know what muse has been whispering in my ear, but I hope it stays with me for a few more days! I'm heading into chapter 5, and things are starting to heat up for all 4 of my main characters!

3:00-Word Count: 2503. I've got to stop and run some errands, else hubby will not have anything to take with him for lunch tomorrow! As always, I'll post the final word count before I go to bed:) I'm on a roll!

Currently reading: Lauren Bacall's autobiography

I'm about to contradict myself.

I came across another author's blog entry discussing which romance notion is better, the service kind, where the man does something for you without being asked; the romantic gesture, where he just happens to bring you flowers or a candy bar 'just because' he was thinking about you; or the connection, where you both do things for eachother, like knowing without being told you need a break and he shooes you off to a hot bath while he takes care of the kids?

I've been griping about my marriage lately, but after 16 years, we do have a connection. I was 'in the zone' yesterday, so he took the toddler with him on errands; he fixed me a bowel of ice cream and made sure the kids left some chocolate syrup in the bottle for me. And even though we'd had a disagreement earlier, he still backed me up when the kids complained about my computer usage (surprise...he didn't say a word today!) and complimented me on what I fixed for dinner.

There haven't been that many romantic gestures, unless you want to count the unexpected trip to Applebees 2 weeks ago...but then again, we were all getting tired of Chinese after church, and there aren't that many places to eat in this town outside of burgers and fries.

Service-wise, he did show up with $100 worth of meat from our favorite butcher up in Morgan County...

Maybe this was his way of apologizing for his less-than-acceptable behavior toward me the last couple of weeks?


Amarinda Jones said...

Ice cream is a good way to say I love you. Maybe he's pulled his head him and realized how fantastic you are and will a twirp he would be to lose you.

anny cook said...

Apologies come in many forms other than words. Take it and run!

Molly Daniels said...

So far, so good:)

Kelly Kirch said...

Sounds guy-mantic to me. They don't speak our language and romance means different things, but in each of those offerings, he thought about you first. That's huge.