Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Word Count: 2152. Had to do laundry. But still a productive writing day:)

Currently reading: Out of Control by G. Gordan Liddy

Told you I had an eclectic library! I just finished Lauren Bacall's autobiography, and was moved to tears over the death of Humphry Bogart, an actor who died before I was born. This got me thinking about other celebrities I mourned.

Elvis. I was in my room, probably listening to the Bee Gees, when my mom came in and told me he'd died.

Paul Lynde
John Lennon
Lucille Ball
Sonny Bono..I'd had a strange dream about him, and woke up the next morning with a burning need to hear some Sonny and Cher tunes. Even went to Howard's Hard To Find record store and bought an album I didn't own. The following day, he was dead.

Princess Diana. We had just moved into our new house when the phone rang (it had been installed 2 weeks prior to our move-in date) and a friend asked if we had our TV on. We didn't, and he broke the news. We immediately hooked up my small, 13" set which had rabbit ears (remember them? We didn't have an antennae or satellite yet!) and watched the grainy, black and white images of Dan Rather or whoever, reporting the sad news. Made hooking up the TV a priority, and taped the funeral several days later. Have no idea where that tape is now, or if it was taped over!

Don Knotts
I've probably left out a few; as I remember them, I'll add them in.

Celebs I will mourn heavily when it's their time...

Robert Redford
Paul Newman
George Lucas
Harrison Ford
Steven Spielburg
James Earl Jones
Tim Conway
Carol Burnett
Peyton Manning
Troy Aiken
Michael Jordan
Danielle Steele
Any member of Styx, Foreigner, Def Leppard, Journey, or Fleetwood Mac
Any other current author I happen to be reading, or known by association.


Kelly Kirch said...

I must be callous. While it always surprises me when famous people die, I never mourn them. I felt for Diana because of the boys and her hard life. Mostly though, I'm apathetic about the whole thing. Is that bad?

Molly Daniels said...

When I say I mourn, I feel for the general public who has lost a fantastic performer/public person, which will probably never be duplicated. In PD's case, my heart went out to the boys, and I prayed for them several times over the first hard months.

Now Harrison Ford and Robert Redford...buckets will be cried, as I should have married one of them, ha ha:)

Amarinda Jones said...

celebrate a life and move on