Thursday, October 18, 2007

What Am I Up To?

Update: The respirator has been removed! I've been told not to come today, after all, and maybe tomorrow I can go down...

Hahaha..."What am I up to," asks Kelly. This week has been so crazy...

I am dealing with the aftershocks of the stomach/intestinal flu raging through my kids.

I'm dealing with the death of my beloved paster, Dr. T.

I'm dealing with the knowledge a dear friend's mother lies in ICU on a ventilator, and the news is not good. In fact, I'm heading to Evansville today to see her.

I'm dealing with a child who doesn't want to go to school, and if she misses one more day, she and I will face inquiries from the school administrators. And I really don't want that to happen...

I'm dealing with my overachiever, fretting over his PSAT scores...and his rank in his class. Out of 200 students, he's in the top 20...but at his old school, he was ranked #3...out of 30!

I'm dealing with an independant toddler. Enough said.

I'm trying to get my house under control...I was gone yesterday, and of course I'm the only one who knows how to crack out the ice trays, make a pitcher of iced tea, and pick up the baby's toys! Not to mention doing the dishes...they can lie in front of the TV and email their friends, but can't pick up their socks or take their soup bowls to the kitchen...come on, Mom! What are you thinking? I know...single parenting, hee hee...

I'm also trying to get my submission package put together for CP...I still have a few details left to research on the ms before I submit...I told my dad we'd just have to go back to Nicky's, and he asked if I could leave now or Friday...told him I couldn't leave till next week! God I love my dad...

I'm also providing email support to another friend who's going through a divorce.

And finally, an absent husband who is trying to adjust to the night shift and finds reasons to call me three times a day, when he should be sleeping! And, oh yeah...he was rained out last night, and may be again tonight, and if that happens, hey, he'll be home in time for dinner! Oh joy...small paycheck next week. There goes my plans to buy Travelor's Refuge...sorry, Anny. It'll get pushed back a week...

And, oh yes...I'm also dealing with a mother-in-law whom I've not seen since Monday! And the fact her brother-in-law passed away...I'll go see her today, and I'll probably get an earful of "where have you been" and "why didn't you go to Dub's funeral" (His name is Paul, but everyone calls him Dub. Yeah, this is southern Indiana!)

Have I covered everything? I still haven't used my coupon for my free aquamassage...I may use it tomorrow, when the hubby returns. Otherwise, maybe Monday.

Sorry for the Drama Queen-like tone.

Did I mention I'm also PMS-ing?


anny cook said...

PMSing is good. The other stuff? I used to have a friend who would take me by the hand, gently pat it and say "Everything pass."

Just ask yourself which things will be important five years from now. The rest is just the small stuff. Irritating, but small.

As for Traveller's'll be there next week or the week after or the week after. That's the up side to e-pubbing. It'll be there quite a while.

I did that single parenting gig when my hubby was gone for 18 months. Had four teenagers. They didn't pick up any better than yours. Sometimes life's just a witch, eh?

Kelly Kirch said...

So basically you aren't doing anything. :)

Your husband misses you! That's what I get from all this. You are invaluable to him and he misses you. Good to know, ain't it?

Molly Daniels said...

Ways to say "I love you":

"If you insist on going, check the oil before you leave..."

"Just called to make sure she arrived safely..."

"What do you mean, you let him ride his bike over there?"..."Oh, you picked him up and made it home all right. I know how you have trouble seeing at night..."

God it's wonderful to have friends who see through my stress and point out something I've missed!

Amarinda Jones said...

The minute you mention PMS I understood the situation completely. Everyone must step back and manage their own lives and leave you alone.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

I'm riding the PMS train with you, Molly. Here...I've brought you chips, chocolate and iced tea with plenty of ice. {{{Hugs}}}

jackie rogers said...
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jackie rogers said...

just a note from the VINTAGE single parent here.
1) for = stand in the middle of the room start screaming at whomever is there and then follow them around the house screaming until they are afraid!
2)inlaws= They are the BEST people to follow screaming around the house AT!
3)try disposable bowl and plates and when they get their dirty ones back...tell them either you help or we're going REALLY! cheap this week! try same with laundry! You do leftover dinners don't you?
4) Tell the psat teen to chill out. It's not like he is in a lg. area where the competition is actually HARD?
6) LOAN HUBBY OUT TO ME....I have a honey do list from he__!