Monday, October 22, 2007

Typical Mon...

Currently reading: The Brethren (still!) by Bob Woodward
E-Book: Overloard's Vessel by Bronwyn Green. I'm on Chapter 11...

What did I do before blogging or working on a wip? Mondays were always busy.

Doing laundry.
Dusting and vacuuming LRM.
Taking out the trash.
Doing my daily FlyLady task.

What have I done since June?
Post my blog or entry
Read Kelly, AJ, and Anny's blogs.
Comment, if I had one.
Do a light swipe at the dust in the noticible places, and maybe even run the vacuum.
Take out the trash (it comes at 7:30 am, so it has to be out there!)
Maybe do a load or so, and take all day to do it.
Check my FlyLady list and maybe I'll have time for the task.
When kids get up/come home/or an hour before hubby is due home, do a massive clean up, where everyone takes a room and it looks spotless in an hour!
Finally, write, write, write, and write some more!
And oh yeah...field complaints from kids wanting to check their mail, play games, etc...

Since I've finished my wip, and I'm in the process of checking over facts, doing some minor rewrites, and making sure I've covered everything for the submission package, today is a more typical Monday.

So far, I've taken out the trash (pulled an AJ...only was wearing white fleece pj bottoms with black polar bears on them, red t-shirt, and tennis shoes!), gotten dressed, taken the kids to school, and drank my last cup of coffee. The laundry is down the chute, waiting to be sorted. Fleetwood Mac is on my CD player. After I post, I'll read the others' blogs and maybe comment. Then I will check my other mail, then force myself to go downstairs and start the laundry. I'll clean the living room and start on my office/S's bedroom/W's toy room and get rid of anything I'm tired of looking at/tripping over. Did some of this over the weekend, but honestly, do I need to have all these toys he doesn't play with? I'll keep the Tonka trucks, and the John Deere tractors, and yes, he's played his Whack-a-Mole game, so that can stay...but the puzzles, toy laptop, and some of the smaller stuff I'll box up and take downstairs.

And I'm also going to go through these piles of paper/notebooks/mail on my desk and toss anything I don't need. Unfortunately, the bills will have to stay...

At noon, I'll pick up the baby, and we'll watch "Wonder Pets" or "Air Bud"...or whatever movie he's addicted to. Yesterday, it was "Monster's Inc" on the Disney Channel...we watched it twice, as our copy is on VHS and in storage at the moment!

While he's doing that, I will do some minor research and start editing chapter 4. My older kids arrive home later, and I'll get to read another section in "The Bretheren", the book I'm reading about the Supreme Court. I'm in the middle of the Roe Vs Wade decision, and it's fascinating to see how they operate. Not like your typical court judges...they all write opinions, draft memos, and then argue over everything until they reach a decision! I'll take my older one to swim practice, come home and fix dinner, and then take some to him so he can eat while I'm driving him to Scouts. I'll return home, pick up the other two and the dog, go visit the MIL at the nursing home for an hour, and then pick up the scout. Supervise any homework still needing to be finished, bathe the toddler and put him to bed. I'll check the email and blogs again, and then head to bed myself.

Just a typical day-in-the-life...

Oh yes...if my galley of book #2 arrives, I'll be checking for the corrected errors and hopefully will sign off on it and tell them to go to print! I need my books in 3 weeks!


Amarinda Jones said...

I reckon one day soon no one will bother to get out of their pj's

jackie rogers said...

It must be Such a boring life Molly...HOW DO YOU keep yourself awake?