Friday, October 12, 2007

It's Finished:)

Currently Reading: I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can by Barbara (print) I'm about a third of the way through it, and should be finished by next week!

Just Finished Reading: Through Shattered Light (e-book) by Tielle St. Clare Excellent read! Kept me at the edge of my desk chair!

Read Wednesday: The Goddess Within (e-book) by Amarinda Jones Finally! Been waiting to order this one since Aug! Very hot, and very good!

Word count: 40,159 words in the ms, and 78 pages. How's that so far?

Just a short post little one vomited every 2 hours last night, and thankfully, by the 3rd time, he got the idea to deposit his stomach contents in the trash can instead of the bed sheets! I hope I don't get it, or that we took it to the nursing home yesterday!

As I stated last night, I believe I have finished that WIP that has consumed my brain this past month. I went back and looked; I started it August 18, in longhand; started typing it the first week of September, and by Sept 11, was hard at work, writing 1500-3000 words per day, and yesterday, October 11, I finally brought my characters' stories to a close. Or maybe not entirely...I haven't written "The End" yet, so maybe there is another scene or two. Or maybe when I reread it later, I'll type those final words. I also have some major description to of the character's eyes change colors, and I don't think I ever described one of the main character! Then, I need to read the EC guideline submissions and see if my little ms fits the criteria.

Normally, when I finish writing a rough draft, I feel anything from a sense of loss to great euphoria...and while I was somewhere in between those emotions last night, reality intervened in the form of "oops, I'm late picking up my child from swim practice" and 'oh shit...I still don't have dinner ready' and later, as I'm sharing the good news with Anny, Kelly, and AJ, it was 'oh crap..the baby's throwing up' and 'damn it, I need to pick (shudder!) the dead lice bugs out of my daughter's hair'....not my usual "Hurray, I did it! Get me a glass of wine and some potato skins!' reaction!

Anyway, even though I'm sleep-deprived this morning, I'm in a good mood. The story is out of my head (I think!) and I can finally get some sadly neglected chores finished. I might take today and the weekend off and clean my house...and while I'm in no danger of being attacked by killer washing machines, the bookcases are a possibility (see and click on last Sat's entry, ha ha!). And, I read AJ's blog this am, and Zoltan's back! Can't wait to see what Anny has up her sleeve tomorrow!


Kelly Kirch said...

That's awesome. You rock! Poor baby boy though. And if your daughter gets a recurrence of lice, lemme know. I have a sure-fire kill that medication won't touch as the Doc told us (5 yrs ago) lice had built an immunity to RidX and similar drugs. You won't believe how easy it is!!

Molly Daniels said...

I came across a killer home remedy...wash the hair; saturate with Listerine and wrap hair in shower cap for 2 hours. Rinse, and watch the dead bugs fall; pick out any leftover dead ones and any nits.

I'm about to homeschool the child, or wrap her head in bubble wrap! I've tried restricting her from going to a certain house, and she still comes home from school with it!

Amarinda Jones said...

I would be interested in your thoughts on 'I'm dancing as fast as I can'I read it years and years ago. And thank you for the shamless plug of Goddess...I am going to have to pay you more

Molly Daniels said...

I thought it was going to be about drug addiction and withdrawel.'s more about the changes in mental health?

Amarinda Jones said...

Yeah but like anyone's life story it's interesting and it makes you think. Have you read The Man Who Kept the Secrets? It's about Peter Lawford. You would enjoy that. Or Polly Adler's "A House is Not Home."