Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Can I Shower in Peace?"

Currently Reading: Am halfway through Carribbean. Also read Ginger Simpson's Prairie Peace, and I found it interesting! It was not what I'd expected; I kept waiting for the predictable things, but it went off in a different direction. If you like sweet stories, I recommend it! I'll probably read it again when I have more time to fully absorb the details:)

Up next: All Chained Up by Brynn Paulin and Seducing Celestine by Amarinda Jones. And next week, Anny Cook's Winter Hearts. Yeah...I'm catching up on Anny's books:)

Ever have this happen?

You're minding your own business, grooming yourself. Maybe even thinking about the list of chores you have ahead of you.


"Hey, this storyline's not been approached for a while; how about a neighborhood picnic; Young Veteran realizes the Sweet One he met last night was his childhood advarsary..."

"No, scrap that. She realized who HE is and plots revenge..."

"Why do we always have to do it from YOUR point of view?"

"No, no no! This is what we are! He's a sports figure, retired because of an injury, and I'm either a reporter/DJ/video journalist..."

Okay. Can you two please make up your minds about your backgrounds and let me finish my shower? I don't have anything to write with, and I'm certainly not going to run upstairs with my hair all soapy, just to write you down!

"Well hurry up, because we're already arguing and you know what happened the last time you waited too long to start writing down what we were saying..."

Grumble. Okay. I finish my shower, and as soon as I'm dry, I grab my pen, favorite notebook, and start to write...

Silence. Okay...were did everyone go?

"We talked it over and decided to gell some more. You're too busy to focus on another project right now!"

At least I've got the background on paper...

Update on the car:

Looks like I'm going to need a new trannie... (throwing major tantrum...quietly!)


Unknown said...

Yep all the time but it's usually at the traffic lights - hence I keep a pen and notbeook on the passenger seat

Phoenix said...

and a tape recorder. I hate writer's hand cramp.

Anny Cook said...

Um, my inspiration generally happens in a much more inconvenient arena. Good job that I'm an accomplished multi-tasker with a good memory...

barbara huffert said...

You need to borrow Mouse so he can install Tivo in you head like he did for me.

Unknown said...

Yeah. Usually my characters do this while I'm stuck at the day job without even a second to spare to jot down a note.