Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Computer Probs and an Introductrion

Currently Reading: Just finished Brynn's All Chained Up. Whew! I love the interaction between the brothers; I loved everything about Theo and Keera; I had a few reservations about a certain scene, and (trying not to give anything away here!) the outcome sounded realistic...thank god for the understanding medical profession! Is Josh's story written, Brynn? I think Max's is next. I'll have to check...

Sorry AJ...I won't get to Seducing Celestine until Friday or Saturday. And I won Gracen's The Devil's Den, so I'll get to it afterwards.

Still reading The Orphan Train Trilogy. I'm now on the second one, Quest for Lasting Love.

Both blogger and my computer are refusing to cooperate today. Keep checking back; the technology gods will quit snarling at me and eventually do what I want!

Last night, our 'bookmarks' disappeared from the tool bar. This has happened before; all it required was signing out and then signing back in. Not this time.

So, we restarted the computer. Still nothing.

This morning, I ran both a spyware and virus scan. Got rid of one virus, but still nothing.

So hubby played around with it and found the 'sidebar' had all the sites. So he spent two hours rebookmarking the sites to the sidebar.

Then he let me sit down. I checked the 'bookmarks' on the task bar, and lo and behold! They were back!

Only now, blogger keeps telling me certain pages cannot be displayed. Like my comments. I read them once; why not twice? Nooooo...had to exit, come back, and reclick. BINGO!

Now I'm trying to upload a picture and it keeps telling me the page cannot be displayed.

Fine. I'll type the text, telling my readers to keep checking back (after all, it can't throw a fit forever, can it??), and I'll go off and read what everyone else is up to first!

Tomorrow, I'm off to meet Ms Kirch for the first time (happy dance!) before she leaves Indiana and heads for the hills of Tennessee. I may be too tired to post tomorrow night; then again, I may be too wired to sleep! Who knows? It's a Girls' Day Out!


Unknown said...

Blogger can be an absolute, frustrating bastard sometimes yet we keep coming back

Molly Daniels said...

I am so off because of this problem today! Usually by 3pm I've already written, posted, and am happily reading! No reading today...and no writing, unless I do it tonight. No more TV except Thursdays now; I keep forgetting they moved One Tree Hill to Mondays...have about 4 episodes on DVR to watch!