Tuesday, April 8, 2008

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Currently Reading: I'm up to Bron's story in Camouflaged Hearts! Should finish this book today, and Satisfaction Guaranteed by Isabelle Drake is up next. I'm also close to finishing Vienna Prelude.

First of all, I'm banging my head in frustration over last night's game. Memphis HAD the game won...except they were missing their free throws. ARRRGGGHHH! And the the overtime was all Kansas. Instead of Memphis winning by 3, they lost by 7. Figures...the one time I post my pics on a public forum, I'm dead wrong. Oh well....law of averages caught up with me! Too bad I didn't do this last year...Florida was my team all the way!!!


Twenty-three years ago today, I met the man who would inspire me to begin writing what is now known as my Arbor University series. He needed a date; my roomie was dating his bff; I agreed to meet him. After meeting him, I was informed (warned??) by my roomie that he'd made the comment I looked like a librarian. Undeterred and in a slightly rebellious (reckless?) mood, I still agreed to be the fourth person on the date.

The first place we stopped was the other guy's house, so he could change clothes. The minute my officer and I were alone, I said, "So I hear you said I look like a librarian."

He had the grace to turn red, duck his head, and mutter, "Oh, yeah."

"Well, could you tell me why?"

"You just don't look like the type who parties very much."

I grinned to myself, thinking back to 5 months earlier, when I discovered the joys of the opposite sex. "You'd be surprised at some of the stuff I've done lately."

That perked him up and we started exchanging the usual information. The next morning, he kissed me goodbye as he and his friend dropped us back at our dorm room and made plans for later that evening. Two days later, we had a huge fight because he reverted to what I call Caveman tactics, and he was stunned when I gave him a verbal tongue-lashing and refused to go out with him again. He fumed for a day, and then apologetized and humbly asked me out again, reminding me he only had one more week of his leave. I told him I'd think about it and call him later after my classes were over.

My roommate begged me to give him another chance. So I reluctantly gave in, and that man treated me like a queen for the next several days. When he left, I was pretty positive I wasn't going to see him again, as he was extremely good looking, and I knew the California girls would be lining up to be with him.

And over the summer, I thought about him, and when my family went to Florida for vacation, the airline was overbooked and offered a free ticket to anywhere in the Continental US for anyone willing to take a later flight. If I hadn't been with my Mom, or knew my grandparents were waiting for us, I probably would have volunteered. And then I speculated on that prospect the entire vacation.

When I got back to school, I began writing my 'what if'. And lo and behold, my officer did come back; he did look me up; and it turned into a stormy, 6 year relationship.

My mother read Love Finds a Way, and the first thing she said (after complaining about the 'F' word) was "How much of this is autobiographical? No, wait....don't tell me."

There's a lot I've changed; some of it is 50% accurate. But his general character comes through. That I didn't change. When we were alone, he was My Guy, sweet and loving. But get him in a crowd, or with his friends, and suddenly Mr. Party Animal appeared, who hit on every female.

Showing My Naivete'

Okay; I have a question. I'm reading Camouflaged Hearts (and loving it!), but the third story has brought up two dilemmas: 1) I understand the concept of virginity, I really do, but the heroine used a vibrator. And her hymen was still intact. My question is, how? I mean, I popped my own the first time I used a tampon! So I guess I 'lost' my virginity to Tampax at age 16. I've never used a vibrator myself, but I imagine one would pop it, right? So why wasn't hers?

2) The concept of the menage. I've read several now, and this one is probably the one that mirrors my feelings about the entire issue. But the story left me hanging! What happens next? Do the three of them stay lovers? Does she choose one? What happens next? (Yes, I know I'm repeating myself!)

I know there has to be trust and communication, for a menage to work. But I just can't get my mind to wrap around the concept of one guy being okay with watching his buddy screwing the girl when he's through, or even doing it first. And what happens if she suddenly decides she likes the other guy better? Will this bring up rivalry between the two men? And what about the three who settle into the relationship? The ones I've read, one guy is the 'main' lover, the one who 'penetrates', while the other one gets 'attention'. What if they want to swap places, because the guy getting his cock sucked wants more? What then?

I tried to picture myself with two men several years ago, but one guy always ended fading out of the picture. I guess this means I'm a one-man woman.

Bookmarks Are Ordered

I've ordered another 100 bookmarks for the next stop on my 'tour'. This time, I'll be in my hometown, and I hope to see many familiar faces! I'm especially excited to reconnect with two old friends, one from the 5th grade, and another from high school. I posted the signing on my Classmates.com profile, so I hope anyone who keeps tabs on my comings and goings will show up as well:) Four years ago at the 20th reunion, many of my old classmates were impressed with the fact I had published a book, so I hope they're continuing to follow any latest news that I've posted. I really wish my male bff would show up; he lives in Michigan and his twins are now 3 years old. I'd love to see if Daddyhood has mellowed him out!

Did anyone else see this?

A girl in Florida was tricked into going to a 'friend's' house. Once she arrived, the others pounced on her, beat her up, and captured everything on camera, which they then posted on YouTube. The victim's parents and the sheriff were interviewed on the news, and the sheriff said the perpetrators had shown no remorse. In fact, they were joking about, "I guess we're not going to the beach for Spring Break" and one girl even had the nerve to ask if they could hurry up so she could attend cheerleading practice!

Okay...let me get this straight...you damage your 'friend's' hearing, put her in the hospital, and now you want the police to quit asking you questions so you can go to CHEER PRACTICE?? What world are you living in? The world myself and everyone else lives in, if the police bring you in for questioning and you know you're guilty, you'd better have a damn LAWYER with you! And the crocodile tears should be flowing profusely!

Okay...I'm out of breath. What's on your Hot Topic list today? I know the bookmarks aren't an "HT", but I wanted to balance it out!


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