Friday, April 4, 2008

PMS or am I Getting Old?

Currently Reading: Bought Camouflaged Hearts last night. Will get to it later.

This goes out to anyone who's lived alone for several years. Do you find yourself upset when your schedule is interrupted?

My college roomie and I lived together peacefully for 5 years. When we graduated, she got married and I moved into my first apartment. Yes, I sort of moved my boyfriend/fiance' in at the same time, but when I kicked him out, another friend stayed with me for 2 weeks while her apartment was being cleaned.

She drove me nuts. Why?

She would play my tapes and put them back in the wrong order.

She left her clothes scattered around.

When she left, some of my clothing disappeared and although she claims she didn't take it, I haven't seen them since. And one shirt was my red Coke shirt.

Now, fast-farward twenty years, and I eagerly welcomed two more toddlers for a couple of days. It's been less than twelve hours, and I'm late getting this post out because of constant interruptions! And I'm irked at their mother...the kids arrived with two sacks of clothing, "all clean".


The second bag was soaking wet. And guess which sack the pj's were in? If you guessed the wet one, you're right! So they slept in T-shirts. And their clothes are coming out of the dryer as I type; they also smelled, so I washed everything.

But that's not all; nooooo. Neither child has socks; there is only a pair of pants apiece; and several pairs of summer clothes. Last time I checked the temp, it was in the 40's. So yes, they are bundled in sweatshirts on top of their short-sleeved tops!

So my question again; is this just a case of early PMS, or am I turning into my grandmother, who welcomed us into her home, but made sure we stayed quiet?

Or do I just need to have a chat with my 'oldest child' about how to pack for weekends?

On a good note, I checked my royalty statement for Love is Sober, and I've reached the $19 amount! Yea rah, yippee skippee...five more books and I get another check!

As I've stated, I have another signing lined up for tomorrow. So don't expect a post until later tomorrow night! Hopefully, it will be another successful one.

Have a great weekend!


Amarinda Jones said...

I love and adore living alone and no one interrupts my schedule

barbara huffert said...

Same here. If I'm busy I simply turn off the phone and ignore the door. I invite very few into my home and frankly, I like it that way.