Saturday, April 5, 2008

Final Four

Here's my pic for Monday's final game:


AAAACCCCKKKK! With 3 minutes to go, Kansas is spanking UNC by 12 points!!! There goes my steak dinner...I'm going to have to spring for it this year! Esp since I already said UNC was going to win the entire far, Memphis is the only team I consistantly picked, save for today's game...Grrrr...check back Monday. Depends on my friend's bracket. Maybe I still have a chance to win this??

Be back later after the signing:)

Had another good signing...sold 4, and the first one was sold within the first ten minutes:) Spoke to several people, including two budding authors.

I also passed out all of my bookmarks; now I've got to get some more made before next Saturday!

I'm exhausted; after I took down my posters and went to the store for some last minute stuff, we grilled hamburgers, brats, and hot dogs; it was in the 60's and beautiful! All the kids have been bathed, and I'm off to put the younglings to bed. And then cheer on my last team, if I don't fall asleep.


Ashley Ladd said...

How'd the signing go?

Molly Daniels said...

Went well...but I'm hanging my head in shame over the tournament! First time in five years I've been wrong about the final 2!

Memphis Vs Kansas...I picked Memphis all the way up to today; Only picked Kansas the first round! Hope nobody put any money down on account of me...

Amarinda Jones said...

I have no idea what the first what of you blog was about as I become blind when sport is mentioned..however I was pleased to hear you solf 4 books - well done

barbara huffert said...

Are the teams that made it popular? Will my street be overflowing Monday? What time does it start?

Happy to hear you sold more books and passed out all your bookmarks. Yay you!