Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Contrary to what Google Says...

Currently Reading: Finished both Camoflaged Hearts and Vienna Prelude! CH was wonderful, and I will most likely reread it in the near future! VP, I found interesting. I've read many WWII books, and it's amazing at how differently the main characters 'interact' with those in positions of authority during that time period. In this case, as it takes place in Vienna, Berlin, and Prague, I kept waiting for the Von Trapps to appear. They did not, but it was a wonderful tale of how Jewish children were smuggled out of Vienna before Hitler invaded Austria, and how even Austirans clung to the hope of a peaceful end to everything. I do not know if there is another book; I know there is one before it, but don't know if it is in my possession. When I'm done with all of the boxes, I can check the library to see if there is any more by this author.

Print Book: Solomon's Song, by Roberta Kells Dorr. An account of how possibly King Solomon was inspired to write his songs! So far, it is intriguing!

I took a tip from Anny Cook this morning and googled myself. Specifically, I was looking for anything that suggested free copies of my books. Didn't find it (or hers, for that matter...I gave up after 8 pages), but I did find a site offering to RENT copies of my work! And no, Anny, I checked, but your name wasn't on that site.

And I did find out a whole lot of other things, which maybe means I probably should have googled myself when I first thought up this pen name, except I didn't have internet at the time. So contrary to 'popular belief' or in this case, Google items, I want to set the record straight.


-Help my husband fake his own death. Mine is alive and kicking and talking about returning to work next week.

-Been sentenced to 20 years in prison for insurance fraud. My fourth grade trip to the jail convinced me to never end up on the wrong side of jail cells!

-Been a cancer genetic counselor. But it seems to be a cool career to have!

-Descended from witches, nor is my daughter's name Daphne. Not everyone knows my daughter's name.

-And I wouldn't dream of digging UP a dead body! I've buried my dogs' bodies, but wouldn't ever want to MOVE them!

If you hit 'search', the real me is listed #2,3, and 4. In fact, my interview with Brynn is #3 on the list!

Just wanted to set everyone's minds at ease...I am not a fugitive from the law in Seattle!


Sommer Marsden said...
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Sommer Marsden said...

Oh, I love to google myself. Is good for stress relief ;)

barbara huffert said...

Darn. Here I thought you'd be showing up in my halfway house and I'd get to meet you. Oh well, guess I'll just have to come visit instead.

Unknown said...

I googled myself a few weeks ago and found a piracy site selling my books.

I just googled myself again after reading your post, and the first two pages were all me. Here's another Ashley Ladd "ASHLEY: Majoring in kinesiology...interested in becoming a physical therapist...enjoys listening to music and going to Disneyland...has competed in club"

Here's a second: "The winning relay consisted of three true freshmen, Meghan McCurley, Daphne Yeung and Ashley Ladd as a relay anchor for the first time in her college career ..."

Mostly, it's me. Gosh, I've been all over the net lately.