Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday Stuff...

Currently Reading: Finished Sweet Dreams, by Dakota Rebel. I was surprised; I don't usually like vampire books, and it was far down on my TBB list, but when I won it the other day, I thought, "what the hell...I'll try it!" And I really liked it! I was a little disappointed in the ending (don't worry, D...not giving it away!), but on a the whole, it was a very good read! A page scroller. And to me, that's the mark of a good e-book. After all, I loved Hello, and now I'm looking forward to the Bound Brits anthology. How far am I behind? This should tell you; my next e-book is Camouflaged Hearts! Which came out...last September??

Print book: Finished Texas as we were driving to meet the kids. Loved the first pair of stories, but halfway through the third, my interest was waning. Read 2 chapters of the last one and closed it. Now I'm reading Vienna Prelude, by Bodie Thoene. It's about WW2, and the Jewish Underground. Hopefully it will be a good read!

I'll admit, this hasn't been a good blog week. I seem to be stuck in finger twiddling mode.

But that's okay. After all, I'm dealing with the aftermath of my 'vacation', the stress of the fact that soon hubby will be returning to work, and the fact that I'm "wasting money" (his words, not mine!) on this self-proclaimed book tour. But get this: When I added up the books I've sold so far, it means that I'll (gasp...drum roll, please...) have a nice check coming to me by summer! And maybe even another small one this month? Depends when my royalty statement comes out. Also, if memory serves, doesn't that mean I'm GETTING PAID? Guess what? That falls under the title of REAL JOB! Get over yourself and quit complaining about the amount of time I spend on the computer.

Invasion of the Rug Rats

My 'grandkids' are arriving today:) They will be staying until Sunday, as they are on Spring Break, and their mom works nights.


The morning news carried the story of the pregnant man this morning, that Ashley Ladd had on her blog a few days ago. They stated he plans to 'skip the epidural' and have 'natural childbirth'. Okay....did I miss something? Does he not have all the male parts in place? How the hell is this going to happen? Or....does he NOT have everything? If so, why would a woman marry a man without one? Unless she's a transgender too....No bigotry here...if they're happy, more power to 'em. But it just boggles the mind. And as for natural childbirth, I've done it twice, and it was no picnic. The third time around, I thankfully was able to have the epidural, and the only thing I complained about was it too so long to wear off. But that's me; Speedy Delivery when it comes to babies!

Sorry, AJ...blame Ashley, LOL!

I discovered why all my efforts to send our rain to Brisbane is failing. There is a huge, blocking High Pressure over Florida, keeping our Midwest in rain. Now while I'll take rain over snow, I don't particularly care for it day after day. Why?

1) Hubby's job is weather-dependant. If it rains, he doesn't work. If he doesn't work, then no money coming in. No money comes in, then I can't buy the next book or two on my list. See the problem?

2) The month of May is coming up. Specifically, the BIG RACE in Indianapolis. Indy cars don't race or even qualify when there is water on the track! Therefore, weekends need to have at least one dry day so the cars can qualify and the race can be run. Oh, and I'd prefer to be wearing shorts at the track on race day? The worst race I can remember was when it was only 33 degrees outside. More on this race next month.

3) Do I even have to mention the massive FLOODING that has occured? And since I live in a town very close to the river, I'd really like my levees to be intact. I've already been displaced once, thankyouverymuch, and don't care to to it again.

Okay, I'm off to type up what I wrote in longhand last week. I'm at the point where I have a choice; I can end the chapter or keep going. And until I type it up and see how long it is, I can't decide which way to go. At least, that was what my rebellious creative mind was saying yesterday.

More ranting on and on AJ's site; I wondered about the Zelda comment on someone else's blog; AJ's posted the link on her site, if you want to see the latest opinionated person on blogger. I went over and read the posts, and I still don't know what to make of her. Some of the comments were downright rude, but then again, she was rude back at 'em. So go over and judge for yourself. And Anny's making Mystic Valley goodies as promotional items! Way to go for being original! Hopefully she'll post pictures soon! Makes me wonder if I can drive over and sneak in for a day??


Unknown said...

Hugs. My hubby used to be on my back about my writing expenses. He'd rant and rave if I bought a $15.00 ad or spent $10 to enter a contest. He was being petty. Once I started to earn money consistently, he got off my back.

I still don't know what to think of the "pregnant man". He still has female parts obviously, or he couldn't be pregnant, so is he really a man? Who knows how he satisfies his wife? Lesbians satisfy each other - I guess. So they say, so I'll believe them. How he got pregnant is anybody's guess.

As for Zelda, I'm sort of curious to check back for the latest on her blog, but then, that's exactly what she seems to want - to build up her traffic, so I hate to play into her hands so will try to resist. Why would someone want to build traffic just for traffic's sake if they're not selling something? They have no other life? Or, it looks like she just likes pissing people off. But, again, why? She's that bored with her life?

Unknown said...

Pregant man...nope, I don't believe it

barbara huffert said...

Ooh if you're sneaking in I'm coming with you. But if we go during the day, dressing in black won't work. Hey maybe the cape D's making me has an invisibility feature!

Molly Daniels said...

He was artificially inseminated. But I'm still wondering about the wife...lesbian or straight? Hmm?

Anny Cook said...

Well... think of the publicity he's getting. I wonder if the house hunk would go for something like that? I could so sell a lot of books...