Friday, August 7, 2009

Last Day...

We're heading home sometime today. This week has gone by in a rush!

Yesterday was A and J's birthdays, and greeted them with birthday spanks and hugs. Aunt Molly also gave them each a present: A Junie B Jones book for A (we read the first 3 chapters in the car later) and a collection of Dr. Suess Stories for J (he was disappointed because he wanted a video game, but not on my budget!).

Took them home, and then Dad and I picked up my grandmother and took her to a dr's appointment. Granny's going downhill in the memory department, and getting confused more easily. It was hard to watch my dad trying to keep his frustration level in check, and after we returned her to her assisted living apartment, Dad thanked me for being there.

Great Chat!
Thanks to everyone who showed up last night! I picked a random winner this morning, and the winner is...

Carol P!

I'll send it to you when I get home tomight:)

And the winner of the random pick from Raine's interview?


Email me at so I can send it to you!

I'm off to see about getting together with two of my hometown friends and pack for the trip back. See you all tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Amber? As in me? LOL I had to go back to the interview and see if any other Amber's left comments! Thanks so much! Woo Hoo

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks for having me along. It was terrific fun.

Sure did add quite a few books to my to-buy-list. :)