Friday, March 5, 2010

Internet Finally!

Currently Reading: I'm up to Chapter 19 on Lisa Troy's The Art of Losing:) BOY is this book hilarious! Definite Recommended Read, just for the humor alone! And with the past two hellish weeks, I've needed a laugh!

No, I did not drop off the planet again. I'm taking some 'me' time for the second time in two months. I took ME and MDQ to their grandmother's house, and settled in to the routine. So far, everything is going well. I get up at 6 or so and chat with my SIL over coffee. At 7, I wake up the younglings and get dressed. Get them dressed, breakfast eaten, hair and teeth brushed, their bedding picked up, etc.

By 8, we're in the car, headed for school. Drop them off by 9 and return to shower at my leisure. I'm currently enjoying Starbucks coffee and finally getting around to some writing.

Yesterday, I met up with friends I've not seen since 2008 and showed off the e-reader. Our server was interested in it too, so I showed her how it worked. Turns out she LOVES to read, so I whipped out my business card. Guess what? I can write this entire trip off as a business expense.

Update on J:
They removed her appendix; this morning, she reports the only pain she has is the incision. No word yet on when they'll release her. I have to go home tomorrow, so K can have the car, but I'll be back up here on Sunday night, to take the kids to school on Monday. And both kids were VERY happy to be back among their friends!

Not sure if I'll post tomorrow; if I do, it will be late in the day. If I have time this afternoon, I
may head over to Border's. Or save it until next week. Who knows?

Did anyone else watch Survivor last night? I was able to tune in for the Immunity Challenge. I don't know if I'm upset with JT for flipping his vote, or cheering him on for keeping Colby in the game. Who do YOU think needs to go, in order to unify this team?


Unknown said...

I was surprised to see JT flip. I was happy to see Cerie go. She drives me crazy.

Unknown said...

LOL - I'm at Borders as I write this.

That is so cool you can write your trip off as a business expense. We should all do that. I will this summer when I go to Cincinnati for the conference. If I go back, maybe I can line up a booksigning or something so I can write that off, too. If I do, we could do it together - end of July?

Anonymous said...
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