Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Rumors Of Her Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated..."

Currently Reading: Finished The Book Of Scandal, and now I want to read Highland Scandal! This series is fantastic! Definitely a Recommended Read:)

I'm still on Blue Gold; I'm up to page 186, Ch 27.

Phone call around 10am yesterday
"We're calling in order to clear up a discrepancy in our records. Is (MIL) still residing at (facility) or is she in fact deceased?"

"Unless there's been a severe communication breach; she was alive and kicking the other day!"

"'s what I need you to do..."

I went out to the facility yesterday and paid her monthly bill, plus confirmed that yes, my MIL is still alive:) A conference with the office staff revealed someone in either the Medicare office, Social Security office, or other, accidentally pushed the wrong record button, rendering my MIL, at least on paper, deceased. This has caused a headache for medical billing, prescriptions, and other 'red tape'. Due to commitments with my 'other daughter' yesterday, I was not able to make it to the Social Security office. But as soon as they open in about a half hour, I'm heading over there to straighten them out. We can't get a 'deceased person' on a Medicare D prescription plan! Plus, I had to have the facility hold the check I'd written, until her bank statement arrives, proving the funds are there.

"Are You Ready To Rumble?"
It's that time of year again! Earlier this month I was worried about having to watch my March Madness on the computer, or at least keep track of the scores that way. But now, I'm free to watch all the basketball I want, and UPSTAIRS this year:) Here's my first round picks for today:
Kansas WIN 90-74
UNLV Lost 69-66, another buzzer-beater.
Kentucky WIN 100-71
Texas Lost 81-80 (I almost picked Wake Forest, but changed my mind. Grrr...)
Tennessee WIN 62-59
Georgetown Lost, 97-83
Washington WIN 80-78
New Mexico WIN 62-57
Butler WIN 77-59
Florida Lost, 99-92, Double OT
Kansas St WIN 82-62
Notre Dame Lost, 51-50. Geez...I leave to pick up W and it's a one-point loss...
Baylor WIN 68-59
Richmond Lost 80-71
Villanova WIN 73-70 OT
Vanderbilt Lost, 66-65 buzzer beater:(

As always, I'll post the outcome in purple as they come in.
9/16 the first day. Not bad. I'm going to quit posting the scores; that was too time consuming!

Temps today are supposed to hit 70! Looking forward to another day of open doors and windows:) Sometimes fresh air inspires the imagination...especially since I have about seven pages of longhand to type!


Unknown said...

Enjoy the basketball and warm weather. It's gonna be 65 here today. Woo Hoo!

Molly Daniels said...

Eight games down, and I'm 4-4...