Monday, May 17, 2010

Reality Show Wrap-Up

Amazing Race:
I've only watched this show twice; once when Rob and Amber from Survivor were on it (I think they came in 2nd or third) and this past season, when Big Brother's Jeff and Jordan participated.

I actually find this show sometimes tedious to watch, because instead of competing in challenges simultaneously, you watch it over and over and over with each team. This is why I only tune in occasionally! Initially, I was rooting for Jeff and Jordan, but after the 1st episode I watched (halfway through, I think), it was painfully clear that only divine intervention was going to help them. And sure enough, two episodes later they were gone (I missed it). So then I was torn between the Jeff and Cord, Louis and Michael, Dan and Jordan, and Brent and Caite. I missed the episode where Louis and Michael were eliminated, and cheered Dan and Jordan as they cleverly jumped into the lead by persuading the flight attendant to bump them to 1st class on the airplane, enabling them to grab the 1st cab and not look back as they ran the final leg. Jeff and Cord were close behind, but Brent and Caite lucked out with a cab driver who could barely speak English and didn't know how to get to the park near the Golden Gate Bridge. I was NOT proud of Caite's childish behavior in the cab as she cussed the poor guy out.

Steph and Carol let their true colors show at the finish line. Still sore about being U-turned by Brent and Caite, they still demanded an apology. They didn't get one, nor did they really deserve one! It's a GAME, people! Get over yourselves.

Sandra won last night!! I was ticked when Rupert and Co failed to believe Sandra whenever she tried to rally everyone behind her to vote off Russell. And that dumb move of JT...earning his the Dumbest Move In Survivor History...rightly earned.

And Russell needs a week at a spa, to chill out and get over his sour grape attitude. Rob had him pegged; he played to get to the END, not to WIN. He's good at manipulation; good at strategy. But LOUSY at maintaining relationships, and voting friends off in a cheerful manner. He needs to go back and watch past episodes to get a clue.

And he even griped about it this morning on the Early Show! He's just showing what a big baby he is.

Celebrity Apprentice:
Still on my DVR, so I have no idea who's won. Don't tell me; I'll report it the day after I watch it. I'm torn between Holly, Brett, and Sharon.

Goals for Today: (yes, I slacked off last week. I solemnly promise to do this room this week!)
-Wash S's BRM curtains
-Wash down baseboards along SE corner
-De-clutter W's toy area. Check.


Unknown said...

I was so thrilled with the outcome of Survivor. :)

I don't watch the other two shows.

Hope you get caught up.

Carol Preflatish said...

I'm a CBS reality show junkie. I love Survivor, Amazing Race and Big Brother. I have no life. LOL