Friday, June 25, 2010

Flashback Friday: Play Ball!

Around the first week of June, I decided to quit griping about my concession reps not opening the stand a half hour early, and my family was happier when I only made one trip per day to the ball field, instead of two or three.

The temps soared during tournament, and we were thrilled when K's final year in Pee-Wee baseball was a success! They went all the way to the League Finals, and were very proud of themselves. K was even chosen to be on the All-Star team; we would be hosting it and the Girl's Softball Tournament in July.

One of the other team's concession stand began serving hamburgers. I inquired as to their cooking method; they were using a George Foreman Grill. Since it wasn't in our budget, and being my first year as Concession Manager, I opted to run it by my fellow board members for next season.

One Year Ago Today....
Michael Jackson left us.

I remember begging my mother to buy me Off The Wall LP, but she said it was too expensive ($20). Several years later, I found it in the discount bin, marked down to $10, but before I could buy it, someone else did the honors. Finally, around ten years ago, I happened to buy the CD through BMG Music for free, thanks to my 'free music' points.

My sister bought 'Thriller' when it arrived, and we eagerly watched 'The Making Of Thriller' when it aired. We didn't have cable ( finally became available in our area in the fall of 1985), so no MTV viewing unless we visited friends in town. I cut my afternoon classes one day when a HS field trip didn't happen. I was already 'excused' from classes, so why not go to Showbiz Pizza with a friend after watching an hour of MTV at her house? Oh....there was a rule where if a planned field trip was canceled, then we were supposed to return to school...(my one and only HS trip to the principal's office...)

I didn't care for much of Michael's other albums. I love the songs 'I'll Never Stop Loving You', 'Man In The Mirror', and 'Black or White'. Thriller is my all-time favorite album, with 'Beat It' as my favorite song and video. I also love the video to 'Black or White'.

My daughter is begging me for 'This Is It'. I may break down and get it for her, and watch it together.

And let's not forget Farrah Fawcett passed away this time last year as well. I'll admit, I didn't care for her as an actress, but she was the reason I was soon hooked on Charlie's Angels when I was ten, even though Jaclyn Smith's character was my favorite Angel.

Scheduling Has Slowed!
I am now booked through April of 2011! Whew...who knew? And look; my followers now total 30:)

Weekend Plans:
Tonight and tomorrow I'll be at the Lawrenceville Patriotic Festival in Lawrenceville, Illinois. Don't know if my fellow Writer's Guild members will have the brochure finished or not; as long as it's finished by the Watermelon Festival, I'll be happy.

Don't know if I'll post tomorrow or not; it depends on how tired I am in the morning. I don't have to be there until eleven my time (cross the Wabash River and we lose an hour, lol!) so we'll see how late I sleep in. Apparently it was a good thing I took that 'personal day' last Saturday! After this week, I need another one, LOL:)

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