Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday's Tidbits

Currently Reading: Loved, loved, LOVED Sandra Cox's Grounded! DEFINITE Recommended Read! And the Flavors of Ecstasy I...mixed. There were some stories I could not stop reading, and others I skimmed, wanting to get to the end. Nope, not gonna tell you which ones. But I will tell you my favorite of the bunch; Trapped by Cindy Spencer Pape. And nope, not just because I'm in major Cindy-fandom at the moment. So by all means, buy this book and read the talented authors' stories. Don't just skip to the end for Cindy's; you'll miss out on some other terrific books!

A strange thing occurred yesterday. I could only get on the computer twice.

First of all, the morning was a conscious decision not to turn it on, other than to quickly check my email and to congratulate Cindy Spencer Pape on her newest release over at EC, Eagle's Redemption. I then logged off and turned on my DVR, watching a show I'd wanted to see on Saturday. At 10am, I dressed and went to my Oral Surgeon for a consult.

Take Care Of Your Teeth!
They X-rayed my mouth, and told me what to expect next month, even scheduling me for July 21st. And then came the shocker: What our financial obligation would be.

Back in 1978, when I received my braces, I was fortunate not to have to have any teeth pulled, and my mom would constantly remind me there was $1500 worth of dental work in my mouth, so please refrain from caramel, gum, and for-god's-sake-why-did-you-eat-corn-on-the-cob-at-a-restaurant-and-leave-your-toothbrush-at-home??

Fast-forward to yesterday.
It's going to cost $850 to remove my tooth, and another $1550 to put in an implant. And did I mention we have no dental insurance?

And while we were talking about how bad the cavity is, I asked if this could have been caused by sleeping with a cough drop in my mouth, because, oh, that's the corner where I always found it in the morning, and marveled at the fact I hadn't choked while sleeping!


The man's eyes lit up. "Absolutely! You should NEVER go to sleep with anything in your mouth, especially cough drops!" He went on to inform me they were pretty much 90% pure sugar.

No Pictures Available Yet...
Neither Travis nor Ben has uploaded any pics from Saturday yet. This Saturday, I'm going to borrow my daughter's camera and take a picture of my booth. And once again, I was cut out of the publicity shot for the newspaper...Remember two weeks ago, my youngling made the front page as he's coming down the water slide, and if the shot had just been slightly wider, my left arm would have been in it? Well, the picture shown of the Windy Knoll Winery (again, front page of the local paper) shows two customers talking to the winery people. What it doesn't show is I'm standing directly behind one of the women. Seriously. The photographer took several pictures of me, so why cut me out of the one published? Guess I was too hot and sweaty to be photogenic enough...and even the journalist mentioned nearly every single artisan except for myself and another talented artist. So what gives? I've attended this festival for four years now! Come on people; take notice! But then again, the ones they did mention were out-of-towners....

No computer=No Edits
That's right; didn't edit at all yesterday. Guess that's what I get for doing two chapters on Tuesday (grin!). I'm determined to tackle Ch. 5 today, even if it means staying in my jammies until noon. It's already 10am and the youngling and I are the only ones awake. Although...I do have to wash K's uniform before his shift at 2...I'd better run downstairs asap. Yup, didn't do any laundry yesterday either. But I DID go to the store, fixed a nice dinner for everyone, took a nap, and watched two episodes of Law and Order. So it wasn't a total lazy day....okay, yes it was.

Getting off of here to get busy and then attack my manuscript. And no, still no word from my editor on where things stand with Kenzie's book.


Amber Skyze said...

Sorry about the dental stuff. I've fallen asleep with cough drops a few times. I'm glad neither of us choked to death! :)

Molly Daniels said...

I was VERY surprised the first time I woke up with one still in my mouth!

Guess it's either a vaporizer from now on or I just don't sleep and keep everyone up with me.

Wish I could take a tiny vacuum hose and suction my vocal cords sometimes.

Linda Kage said...

I had no idea about the cough drops. But thank you so much for the advice and sorry you had to learn that the hard way.