Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday's Stupid Saying


warning label on furniture-cleaning cloths

On today's agenda, I'm heading over to the Farmer's Market. Why? Because next week is the annual Wine and Art Festival, from 1-6pm. I'm thinking of setting up at 8am in order to reach another batch of people who get up early. The Red Skelton Festival is also in the morning, and there's supposed to be a Clown Wedding. Might put everyone in the mood for romance, don't you think?

Regina got me thinking about promo items. I usually hand out bookmarks, and have excerpts on hand for anyone who wants a sample. Vista Print sent me an ad for one pen for just $1.49, but I can't afford a mass quantity. Went over to but their quantities start at 250. Maybe if I go get several travel size bottles of hand sanitizer from either Walmart or Office Max and slap my contact stickers on them? I'm also thinking of going with the Smarties again, with my contact stickers attached. They brought many customers to my table last fall, and best of all, no one asked if they were real; they didn't leave a mess; mothers were more apt to say 'yes' to the candy:)

(If you'll recall, in the past I've handed out Reece Cups, which melted in the heat and we found the wrappers all over the place; I switched to Peanut M&Ms and was asked if they were real, plus grew slightly sticky in the heat and moms usually looked skeptical at an open bowl of M&Ms.)

Tired Aunt Molly?
I've also managed to survive this week with as many as six kids under the age of 8 in the house; Miss Drama Queen and Mr. Energy will be returning home either Monday night or Tuesday morning. We have another graduation cookout to attend tonight; tomorrow we'll go to church, out to eat at the Chinese Buffet, and go see their great-grandma; Monday, if the weather is good, we may hit the pool one last time.

And we accidentally skipped dance class last night; I went to pick up my daughter and got stuck behind a caravan of equipment heading up the highway to the new electrical plant. Traffic was at a crawl, and it took an hour in what normally only takes fifteen minutes. And I'd left my cell phone behind, so enjoyed the radio and thought about promo items! Peace and quiet finally!

Have a good weekend!


Amber Skyze said...

I don't know how you do it all.
I went to my writer's meeting yesterday and guess what it was about - Promotion on a budget! The speaker was wonderful. She had some crafty ideas for cheap. I'll try to post them this week.
The only issue is she's an artist, so some may come easier to her than me the NON crafty one! :)

Molly Daniels said...

Regina suggested The Dollar Store. I'm heading over tomorrow to browse around. Going to be a busy week!