Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Recap

Evansville was a blast! Forgive the pictures; they were taken with someone else's camera and swiped from Face Book.

Our Writer's Guild: Amanda France, BC Brown, J Travis Grundon, myself, and Ben Martinson.

Here we are with Jane Friedman, editor of Writer's Digest. She had a Kindle; I was showing her my Sony Pocket.

And here's a better picture of Jane, with BC Brown and I. There was a lot of information in the second half of the workshop which I found very helpful. The first hour focused mainly on social media, and she encouraged me to spend more time on GoodReads and Twitter.

We ate lunch at Crazy Buffet, and wandered through a collection of stores: Coconuts (music and movies), Borders (Travis saw Jane on her laptop; I was investigating Marion Keyes, Phillipa Gregory, and the new Kodo device), two vintage clothing stores (bought Michael Crichton's Prey for fifty cents, and 'found' my RITA dress, hahahaha!), and finally, an adult store, where, to everyone's amusement, we played 'How Red Can Molly's Face Get?' FYI: I got slightly pink! Yes, I'm 44.5 years old and I still get slightly embarrassed at times!

It was BC's birthday, and my 'half-birthday', and we enjoyed ourselves.


pmrussell said...

It was great actually meeting you. I tend to be shy in person. Had I not had other commitments, I would have rudely invited myself along for lunch. I thought it was fun to actually be around "writer groupies". Not many people understand this and roll their eyes when I get excited over meeting a major author, publisher, etc.

Molly Daniels said...

I was hoping you'd at least get to go to lunch with us! I was hoping to speak with you more also. Let us know when the next event is? Maybe we can make a monthly thing or something.

pmrussell said...

Sure, no problem. A fellow parent in my son's class in Margaret McMullan who is a UE professor and author. I sometimes hear through her or school when the bigger people hit town.