Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Reading Schedule and Update

First of all, what I'm still reading from last month:
-Stone and Fire-Cindy Spencer Pape
-Two Plus One-Brynn Paulin

June 7:

Flavors of Ecstasy- CSP et al (EC)


Love Slave for Two-Tymber Dalton (Bk-Strand)

Kentucky Woman-Amber Carlton (Siren)

Buckskins and Brocade-Amber Carlton (Siren)

Under the Covers-Eve Adams (Siren)

Riding Double-Eve Adams (Siren)


Fill Er Up-Tea Trelawny (EC)

Surpassing Pleasures- Anny Cook (EC)

Questing-Barb Huffert (EC)

Chaos-Barb Huffert (EC)

Stone and Sky-CSP (EC)

Weekend Update:

I survived K's graduation party:) It was hot; I overslept slightly and instead of leaving for the park at noon, I ended up running a half hour behind schedule. But everything worked out and we had nearly forty people show up. There weren't a lot of leftovers, so we did great food-wise, and when K left to take S to her final Driver's Ed session, he returned with four water guns. The young ones had a blast!

Sunday, Dario Franchiti won the Indianapolis 500!! People would ask me who I wanted to win; I said. "Anyone but Helio!"

One of the crashes happened right in front of us, and when we arrived home and watched it on TV, we saw the rest of the action. During the first fifty laps, I joked that if the cars made it twice around the track without crashing, we could sit down and enjoy the race.

It was the hottest recorded race in history; 1992 the temp was 93 degrees; this year, it was 95!

Monday, I slept until 9am, packed and left at noon. Arrived home to find a passive-aggressive spouse and a house which looked as if a bomb had gone off. Within an hour, I had the little ones picking up all toys and putting the house back in order. Not going to vent here; I've already expressed my frustration elsewhere. And yesterday I did nearly all the laundry, so things are somewhat back to normal.

Today, the SU has his final eye appointment and will hopefully be cleared to return to work (praying fervently this is so!), but with my honorary grandchildren with us until the weekend, I'm quite content to have him around to help out. Took the kids to the pool yesterday, and it is more enjoyable now because all three (four if you count Miss I, who I'm baby sitting) are tall enough to go down the slide:) I spent the majority of my time watching at the bottom and being ready to catch anyone who landed wrong in the four-feet-deep water.

Since rain is in the forecast for today and tomorrow, I'm toying with the idea of taking the kids to see Shrek Forever. Don't know if we will or not; it still needs to be discussed.

Have a good day! Kenzie is still waiting for edits to arrive; now that graduation is over, she's ready to get to work again!


Molly Daniels said...

Don't know why I couldn't get rid of the indentions....

Amber Skyze said...

Good luck at the DH's appointment